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Welcome to the Asylum Oracle reading for 2020, exclusively for my honoured subscribers!

I think it's perfect that we are already a bit into the year, because this gives you the chance to consider how you've begun your 2020, and if there is anything you need to do to reset yourself in accordance with what the Oracle has to share.

We will focus on one card, drawn from my personal Oracle deck after a period of deep meditation, during which I ask the question, "What do we, the individuals of the Asylum Community, need to focus on this year in order to achieve our highest purpose?"

While we will still do monthly readings, your overall card for the ENTIRE YEAR OF 2020 is...THE WALLPAPER!


🗝 Dreams

🗝 Mystery

🗝 Discovery

🗝 A Portal

🗝 Metamorphosis

My fellow Inmate, let us simply take this in for a moment. Could this be more perfect? When I drew this card for us this morning, I was overcome with a profound sense of "rightness," because I KNOW that this is exactly what we all need at this precise time.

Now, the Asylum Oracle Guidebook tells us this:

"You open your eyes and see it before you—the striped Wallpaper has come to life, writhing with shadows, swirling softly. It is after midnight, but the dawn has not yet broken, and you wonder if perhaps you are still asleep. You rise from your bed, reaching your hand towards the wall, and you are drawn closer until you can almost touch it. Suddenly, the stripes lash out at you, encircling your wrist, pulling you through the wall and into a vast room where all is blackness.

Within this room, you are utterly safe...completely protected. Nothing can get in that you do not invite. You take the deepest breath and know that you are now to dream, to wish, to plan. Upon the black walls, you begin to project your desires—things you would like to become, places you would like to go... In this room, your dreams will incubate and manifest into all levels of your reality. You may spend as much time here as you like, and, when you are ready, you close your eyes and feel yourself pushed gently back through the wall and into your present life. You can step through the Wallpaper and into your sanctuary of dreams any time you choose."

Well! There's little more I can add to that incredible invitation into your beautiful new year, except to tell you that the Wallpaper is also a Water element. This reminds you to remain flexible and fluid as you manifest and work for your dreams, because they may not always come to you in precisely the same colours as you painted them on that black wall. This is because we manifest, plot, and plan with our mind, and the mind can only draw upon what it has already seen or experienced. But if you truly go into the Wallpaper, your Spirit will become engaged, and that is the part of you (the ONLY part that is actually you), that will be both emitting and tapping into the universal energy that is the true source of all that is magic, all that is joy. Your Spirit can manifest what your mind has never experienced, and this is why what comes to you may look different than what you planned/think you wanted, but may in fact be SO MUCH BETTER!

In simpler terms, when things come into your life that don't look exactly as you had expected, don't be quick to turn them away. Instead, consider this: Is this perhaps not what my mind wanted, but what my Spirit needed?

And finally, know that with commitment, meditation, and the Oracle to help you tap into your true self, you can indeed bring your mind into greater alignment with your Spirit so that they work together more harmoniously. And that can save us an awful lot of time;).

Now go forth, my dear, and dream. Because that's where it all starts. Never be afraid to dream. I believe in you.

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