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Hello dear innovator, 

As you know, PuraWorka develops CoWorking & CoLiving spaces in dream destinations such as Zermatt, Lombok and very soon Sion at the heart of the Swiss Alps and wineyards 🍇. 

Launch of PuraWorka Sion

Today our team and the Hotel des Vignes**** in Sion are pleased to announce the opening of a future CoWorking&CoLiving space fall, 2020.
Our common vision is notably to bring together tourism startups under the same roof and to create a real hub 🚀👐.

Here is a preview of a short teaser/video of the PuraWorka Sion project :


  • Interact on a daily basis with other startups in tourism [and other fields / industries / freelancers].
  • Develop synergies with tourism startups in the Valais [Switzerland and throughout the world].
  • Testing new products directly at the Hotel des Vignes [and other PuraWorka destinations such as Hotel Mama Zermatt / Dome Lombok - Indonesia / and future in the pipeline].
  • Be part of/co-create an innovative project in Switzerland and abroad.

I want to know about PuraWorka Sion's services

Please contact us and come for a coffee ☕ and/or a glass of wine 🍷 at the Hotel des Vignes in Sion.

We invite you to share with us your needs and dream wish list by answering the short survey below :

I answer the survey
Puraworka is open in Zermatt: Why work from home?

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Zermatt or show you the Hotel des Vignes progress, worst case to share a glass of wine and why not collaborate on an exciting project.

Best regards

For the Hotel des Vignes and the PuraWorka team
Pierre Bossetti, PuraWorka Community Manager

+41 79 950 95 23

Project supported by [see press release]:


Le Cergneux 8, Martigny-Combe


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