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The Cre8tive Life

Issue 4- July 6, 2018

Issue 4- July 6, 2018

Hello Friends!

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My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Loquacious


  • ART: I have been an avid fan of Yayoi Kusama's art for several years now (after randomly discovering one of her "Infinity Rooms" series). So, this past week, when I heard that there was a new exhibition in Rockaway of her Narcissus Garden- I just knew I had to go. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and even had fun going to my very first New York beach!


  • ADVICE: "Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong."--from "Queen of Katwe"


  • MOVIE: "The Hundred-Foot Journey"---I had actually rented this movie a few years ago based upon liking the back of the DVD description; but, had forgotten about it. While on a movie hunt this past week, I gravitated towards it, and fell in love with it all over again. I highly recommend it if you like drama, humanity, love, and beautiful cinematography.


  • FEEL GOOD STORY: "Dancing with the feet is one thing; but, dancing with the heart is another." And, these humans right here are definitely the kind of #CoupleGoals that make my heart smile (and chuckle). May we all be in a love that enables us to enjoy each other the way they do!


  • FOOD: Believe it or not, I used to HATE the thought of sushi, and I would barely eat a California roll. But, when I went to Australia the year before last, I fell in love with it (out of hunger on a tour that I was on- that was literally the only thing available to eat). After that, I started experimenting and trying different kinds. This week I tried a SPICY SCALLOP ROLL, and it has officially entered into my repertoire as one of my new favorites!


  • RANDOM LIFESTYLE TIP: To replace whole eggs in chewy baked goods like brownies, you can use one ripe mashed banana for every egg the recipe calls for. Another bonus option of knowledge is that one tablespoon of applesauce can also replace one egg in most baking recipes!


In the midst of this heat wave (and one of my anti-social moments), I participated in a bit of a movie binge this past week during my down time. And, while I thoroughly enjoyed the aforementioned movie I shared in my 7 random picks above ("The Hundred-Foot Journey"), there was another movie that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED, and that made an imprint on me, "The Queen of Katwe." I won't go too deep into the details of what the movie is about, because I don't want to ruin it; and, that's really not what this "think piece" is supposed to be. But, I will say that I was drawn to it because I have been seriously wanting/trying to learn chess, and I am a sucker for a good drama and real life humanity based story.

In the movie, the above quote "Sometimes the place you are used to is not the place you belong," was shared at a very poignant point of the story. And, as soon as I heard it, it really resonated with my soul and spirit. I think especially because it sums up a big lesson that I have been learning over the last year or so as I have been becoming very intentional about "trying to find my place in the world." We hear a lot about "imposter syndrome" these days, and people being/living in fear of feeling like they are not good enough for things. (I know I have definitely had my fair share of feeling this way in various areas of my life from time to time.) And, I think the root of it stems from being and getting too comfortable in our "safe spaces," even when there are other parts of ourselves that have evolved into next levels. We become fearful of the unknown, and don't want to lean into things because we are scared of failure, or how we may appear, or be perceived by others- even though we know that our life journey may have given us new tools that can help elevate our life experience. We somehow feel and think that it is better (safer) to stay in our zone of comfort than it is to go after what we really want, or know that we have been purposed for- that place in which we intrinsically belong. We have to really be wary of this, and remember that our lives are short. We have to remember that our journeys, purposes, and lives are all different. That is what makes each of us special. And, we do a big disservice to ourselves when we don't keep that at the forefront of our minds. It is important for us to move past the spirit of lack and limitation, and trust and know that everything that we have within ourselves (and those "life tools" that we pick up along the way in our individual journeys) are exactly what we need to get us to the next level of where we are supposed to be. We need to not be afraid to keep moving forward into that. We need to be continually pressing our way into where we belong.



If you were to really look close at your life through a magnifying glass right now, are there some places in which you are being stagnant out of comfort? Are there situations within your control that you innately know that it is time to move on from, that you are still holding onto? What can you do this week as a first step to move towards where you know you are supposed to be?


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