Hey hey.

Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Or "in there" is probably more appropriate. Working from home has settled into a routine. In my free time, exercising, Zoom calls, online video games, reading, and of course writing are the ways of the day.

Recommendations for May

Tales from the Loop on Amazon Prime:  This show is both optimistic and depressing.  It takes place in a timeless town nearby an super science facility called the Loop.  Interconnecting stories mostly involving an emotionally distant family and their friends span the 8 episodes.  They are all quite good.  You will wonder why the compound leaves all kinds of dilapidated devices that bend time and reality just lying around for anyone to come across.  Give it a watch.

Last Days of American Crime:  I read this on Comixology.  The premise is that in the near future, the US announces that it will broadcast a signal that makes it impossible for people to break the law.  They'll be compelled to stop themselves.  A criminal has a heist that was years in the planning that he now only has two weeks to complete.  Really stylish artwork by Greg Tocchini and great writing by Rick Remender.  Looks like there will be a movie based on it too.  Whenever movies come back.

Cover Upgrade

I decided that the existing covers for Repenter and the Brigands needed some extra umph.  So, I'm having a new artist work on a 3-D rendering.  He's still working on the final version.  Here's his concept sketch for Repenter.  Even in rough form, it looks just plain awesome.

If you already obtained a version of Repenter or Brigands with the original covers, I believe they'll auto update on your Kindle. If not, let me know, and I'll see what I can figure out to get it to show on your device.

That's all for this month.

Stay safe!


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