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What is the best career advice for a software developer* to earn a higher salary?

*or any other professional in tech

This is one of the most common questions that people that I coached and mentored have asked me. There are 7 strategies I'd like to recommend, some applies more to employees than entrepreneurs.  I've included a practical action that you can take for each strategy. Remember, play the long game.

Strategy 1: Begin with an end in mind

  • Action: Write down your medium-term career goal on a piece of paper or in your worksheet* and work your way backwards, step by step.

Strategy 2: Become an intrapreneur

Action: On a piece of paper or in your worksheet*, write down the transferable skills that you would like to develop in the first column, and write down your ideas in the second column.

Strategy 3: Be at the service of others

Action: Make a list of things that you already do to be at the service of others on a piece of paper or in your worksheet*. Add a few more things to the list and start doing them as soon as possible.

Strategy 4: Find a few champions

Action: Identify a few champions within or outside your company and schedule a 1:1 with them. This is the first step to building a relationship, so no agenda needed. You may use the table provided in your worksheet*.

Strategy 5: Produce business results and back it up with data

Action: Speak to your manager to see if you can get access to important metrics for your company. Is there a Value Driver Tree (VDT), a Net Promoter Score (NPS), or a Balanced Scorecard that you can take a look at?

Strategy 6: Be a social butterfly

Action: Go for a virtual coffee or lunch with someone that works in a different team within your company this week or as soon as possible. Repeat a few more times with different people until you feel like you are getting comfortable with people and understanding them better.

Strategy 7: Never stop learning

Action: Speak to your manager, your colleagues (from different teams) and your team members to see if there is anything you can help them with. For example, does your marketing team need someone to help out at the next trade marketing show? Does your product team need a facilitator for their next design sprint? Be honest and tell them that you are looking to expand your knowledge to grow your career.

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Here is to your career! 

*Download Seven Strategies to Grow Your Career Worksheet

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