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Share a Coffee

Good Thursday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #12 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Sisa Lleses!

Sisa Lleses - @stickysisa

Sisa Lleses is Captain & Co-founder at Design Off The Boat: An all-women product design crew for all women founders dedicated to social impact. Their goal is to accelerate to time-to-impact of tech for good by building smarter with Design Thinking, faster with Design Sprints, and better with No-Code.

Sisa runs the borderless agency out of Toronto but her roots are in the Philippines. There, she assisted in creating The Hub of Innovation for Inclusion, a social enterprise incubator in the heart of Manila. This is where she got started on Design Thinking and moved towards becoming a Design Sprint Facilitator.

Her team has helped women founders build their social impact startups and communities like The Feminist Enterprise Commons. They also built UnlearnRacism.Education with Saroy Group Inc. She is currently the UX Lead at NeedsList (NC Tech Awards "Tech For Good" Winner 2019).

Staying true to social good, she now brings her workshops on "How To Build Better MVPs for the SDGs" to incubation spaces and startup competitions like Cooperathon.

More recently, Sisa has joined the Zero To One Makers Club and the On Deck No-Code Fellowship as one of its founding fellows.

Design Off The Boat is quietly launching their newsletter: The Weekly Checklist for Women-of-Impact.

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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