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The TASE ’18 main exhibition is open!

Photos by Martin Buschmann

TASE is the annual spring graduation show of the Estonian Academy of Arts and it features all the master’s level graduation works. This year’s main exhibition takes place at the Faculty of Fine Arts building at Lembitu 10. The exhibition is now open and the final projects will remain on view daily from 10:00 to 18:00 until 13 June!

In addition, the TASE satellite programme holds several exhibitions by graduating students, open lectures, courses and guided tours.

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The recipients of the EKA Young Artist Award and Young Applied Artist Award have been chosen from this year’s graduating class

The graduation is followed by exhibitions! The Young Artist Award was given to three graduating students but the opportunity to have a personal exhibition at one of the galleries of the Artists Association went to Hedi Jaanisoo (pictured on the left) because the other winners already had their exhibitions planned.

At the opening of the TASE ’18 graduation show, the winners of the Young Artist Award and Young Applied Artist Award at master’s level were announced. The jury decided to share the Young Artist Award between three master’s students – Hedi Jaanisoo, Eva Mustonen and Sten Saarits. The Young Applied Artist award went to Helena Tuudelepp. Both awards come with a prize of EUR 1,500 and the opportunity to have a personal exhibition in one of the Artists Association galleries.


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Do you already have the TASE ’18 bag?

Going to the beach? See the TASE ’18 exhibition first and get your own drawstring bag. €8!

Briefing sessions, consultations and mock exams for EKA specialities

It’s not at all difficult to apply to study at EKA! Come to the briefings where the teaching staff members and students of the respective specialities explain how it all works. A photo of the construction of the new EKA building by Tõnu Tunnel

EKA offers briefing sessions, consultations and mock exams for prospective students that explain the objective of creative tasks, give tips concerning portfolios and help answer questions. Over the years, the EKA admission exams have changed considerably and the consultations aim to relieve any fears or prejudices prospective students might have. Welcome to EKA!

Briefing sessions, consultations and mock exams:

  • 7 June at 11:00, a briefing for the Faculty of Fine Arts specialities
  • 7 June at 12:00, an introduction and consultation for the Fine Arts programme (specialisations in painting, graphic art, installation and sculpture)
  • 7 June at 13:00, a mock exam for the Scenography speciality
  • 7 June at 13:00, a mock exam for the Animation speciality
  • 7 June at 14:00, a briefing for the Textile Design speciality
  • 15 June at 11:00, a briefing and mock exam for the Fashion Design speciality
  • 25–28 June, mock exams for the Architecture and Urban Design speciality

Applications can be submitted via the Admissions Information System (SAIS) on 11–28 June 2018.

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Briefing for the Faculty of Design master’s programmes on 13 June

On 13 June at 16:30–18:00, a briefing for the EKA Faculty of Design’s master’s programmes will take place in room 426, Estonia pst. 7.

The briefing will cover the faculty’s master’s programmes, admission requirements, expectations for prospective students and other topics. Current master’s students will be there to share their experiences, talk about what it means to study at EKA and show what kind of final projects are made in the faculty.

Participants are welcome to ask questions.

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TASE ’18 satellite: Graduates in Elevator

On 12 June at 16:00, Graduates in Elevator will take place with graduating students introducing their works to the public with a seven-minute presentation. Experts from various fields will discuss the topics of the final projects and discover their most interesting aspects. Practical applications are sought for the final projects in society and with organisations. This year, the Graduates in Elevator event will feature the following presentations:

Gloria Paul, “Park and Charge Service Concept for Long-Distance Electric Truck Drivers” (Interaction Design)

Arnav Khan, “Using Instant Feedback Technology for Effective Tennis Coaching” (Design and Engineering)

Kristina Valter, “Concept of a Smart Connected Toy FEELY for Kids to Support the Development of Self-Awareness” (Interaction Design)

Basaran Cabuk “Personal Navigation Assistant and Transport Planner for Blind” (Design and Engineering)

Hannes Tõnuri, “Raudlugulaul” (Jewellery and Blacksmithing)

Kermo Aruoja and Oskar Mihhailov, “Board Game ALU” (Graphic Design)

Kristjan Taaksalu, “Thermae Linnahall” (Architecture and Urban Design)

Güngör Güneş, “Estonian Real Estate Market & Its Effect on Housing Affordability in Tallinn” (Urban Studies)

Johannes Madis Aasmäe, “A Pedestrian City in the Heart of Tallinn” (Architecture and Urban Design)

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Meeting the artists: past and future legends at the Monumental Art Building on Raja Street

A monument of A. H. Tammsaare. Jaak Soans, 1978. Made in the Monumental Art Building

On 6–7 June at 15:00, the EKA Chair of Installation and Sculpture (Raja 11A) will present artist talks and studio visits with a number of legendary Estonian monumental artists.

The Monumental Art Building on Raja Street is a unique studio complex where young sculptors – students of the EKA Chair of Sculpture – work together with the legends of their field. Before the chair moves to the new academic building in Kalamaja, these two generations are for the last time being brought together on Raja Street and the older generation will share their experience, skills and knowledge with their young colleagues.

Ilme Kuld, Riho Kuld, Aime Kuulbusch, Hille Palm, Jaak Soans and Vergo Vernik will talk about their years on Raja Street and give a tour in their studios. The discussion will be moderated by Juta Kivimäe.

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Open ARS: Connectorium

How can you earn a living as an artist?
What’s the best way to take your first steps in the international art field?
How does the public art system work in Scandinavia?What are the opportunities and dangers of public art?

These are some of the questions that the Open ARS: Connectorium series of lecture and meetings will address. The event is targeted at contemporary art professionals who want to widen their network and gain knowledge in the field of public art.

6 June at 17:00, a lecture by Torun Ekstrand

7 June, studio visits and consultations with Torun Ekstrand

13 June at 17:00, a lecture by Jan Christensen

14 June at 11:00–19:00, a practice-based workshop by Jan Christensen

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TASE ’18 SATELLITE: the new Showcase Gallery of the EKA Department of Photography now open

The new Showcase Gallery was launched with the Display Case: Enjoy the Mirror exhibition by Vít Havranek, an art theoretician and curator living in Prague. The gallery is attached onto the Lembitu 12 building.

The Display Case: Enjoy the Mirror deals with the Early Medieval Latin notion of reflexio, which refers to the act of bouncing back when a body meets a mechanical obstacle. Reflection as a metaphor has been used here both in connection to photography and the psychoanalytic mirror phase as proposed by Jacques Lacan.

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TASE ’18 SATELLITE: NoTe, an exhibition of the EKA Department of Textile Design

The exhibition of the NoTe group of young textile artists is currently on view at Kraam Gallery. The exhibition features selected works from the graduating students of the EKA Department of Textile Design – their best school works and items made especially for this show.

Participating artists: Katarina Kruus, Karolin Innos, Triin Talts, Liina Leo, Ingrid Helena Pajo, Mari Seger and Katrin Kruberg

Curated by Mark Antonius Puhkan

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This spring, 16 young designers will graduate from the Department of Graphic Design. To mark the occasion, GD18 SHOW, their graduation show, is currently on view at EKA Gallery. The exhibition features publications, fonts, video and board games, interactive stories, sound projects and works for the Estonian Academy of Arts. The projects address and deal with topics such as attention economy, culture jamming, stereotypes, character play and creation, uncanny valley and more.

The exhibition will run until 19 June.

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TASE ’18 SATELLITE: Lasnamäe. Unfinished City, an annual exhibition of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design

What will the future bring for Lasnamäe? What are the problems facing Lasnamäe and other similar prefabricated housing districts with free planning and what could be improved? Lasnamäe. Unfinished City combines the work results of students and teaching staff members of the department who this year focused their attention on the future visions of Tallinn’s biggest district.

The exhibition will run until 9 June.

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TASE ’18 SATELLITE: Betrayed emotions at the I Curse the Day jewellery exhibition

A group of emerging contemporary jewellery artists are exploring the effects of personal betrayal at the I Curse the Day jewellery exhibition. The exhibition takes place at the Gate Tower of Pikk Jalg (Nunne Street 1) and features works by Anni Voll, Erle Nemvalts, Hansel Tai, Kaia Ansip, Kaur Virkebau, Liina Lelov, Noga Rachel Harel, Sille Luiga, Sigrid Kuusk and Triin Kukk.

I Curse the Day will run until 6 June.

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2nd part of Spheres, the youth exhibition of Tallinn Print Triennial

The second part of the Spheres youth exhibition of Tallinn Print Triennial is currently on view at the Corridor Club of Kultuurikatel. The exhibition uses the notion of sphere as a conceptual metaphor – spheres are hybrid and symbolic realities created by humans from whatever is ready to hand, spaces of coexistence that enable humans to exist as humans.

Participating artists: Valentin Alizer, Ann Pajuväli, Mark Antonius Puhkan, Irma Isabella Raabe, Kadi Reintamm, Elina Saat, Kristina Mirjam Villand and S3+A1 (Delija Thakur, Helga Aliis Saarlen, Elise Roos and Patrik Olejňák). The exhibition is curated by Eve Kask and Oliver Laas, Associate Professors at the EKA Department of Graphic Art. The exhibition design is by Delija Thakur and the graphic design is by Kerli Virk.

The exhibition will run until 16 July.

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Room, an exhibition by the artist collective Urmas-Ott at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design

An installation view at Room. The object in the foreground is Doll, a ceramic work by Lauri Kilusk. Photo by Hans-Otto Ojaste and Urmas Lüüs

The Room exhibition series, initiated by the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, aims to create installation environments in the Staircase Gallery that are based on the objects found in the collection of the museum and complemented with additional materials and keywords.

Currently, the space features a display by Urmast-Ott (a collective formed by Urmas Lüüs, a teaching staff member at the EKA Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing, and EKA graduate Hans-Otto Ojaste) with an aesthetics that is based on childhood memories.

The exhibition will run until 5 August.

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EKA graduation ceremonies to take place on 21 June at the National Library

This year, the graduation ceremonies will take place at the National Library Main Conference Hall (Tõnismägi 2) on 21 June.

The graduation ceremony for the Faculty of Design and Faculty of Art and Culture will begin at 12:00.

The graduation ceremony for the Doctoral School, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Fine Arts will begin at 15:00.

Until then, good luck at the defence. It will soon be time to celebrate!

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