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Thanks to my gifted cover artist, Stacy, I’m super jazzed to share my five Gold Country cover updates!

These are all books you’ve probably read, but “branding” is an integral part of the book selling biz and a fresh cover can attract new readers. However, I don’t want anyone to accidentally buy a book they’ve already read.😉

Sometimes, an update includes changing the title. Hence, Her Gold Country Valentine is now…HER GOLD COUNTRY COWBOY. This was an important change because this book will be part of Sweet2Heat’s next box set called: Love Me Some MORE Cowboy, releasing on May 1st.

The best part of this change for me came when I began to search for a handsome young cowboy image to use on the cover and constantly came up short…until I looked a bit closer to home.😉

If you look closely at my cover model, you might see a family resemblence…to me.

Because…wait for it…that handsome young man is my son, Jon Paul.

I took that photo on a day hike JP led to the top of Shuteye Pass, 7,300’ in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. As our hike leader, he also made us lunch, which is when I happened to snap the cover photo. A man who not only carried all our provisions in his pack, he prepared the food…and cleaned up! He also shared his knowledge of the area, its geography and history as you’ll hear in the short video below.

JP’s also the goofy uncle who wears his six-year-old niece’s handmade earring. That is something I could see TJ, the hero of my book, doing—especially after my heroine comes into his life.

If you HAVEN’T read this book yet, you can purchase it as a stand-alone single title or read it for free (in Kindle Unlimited) in my GOLD COUNTRY
box set—which you may have noticed also has a new title and cover.

PS: I hope you know how much your kind review is appreciated. Here’s pull-quote I’m using in my advertising.

"A brilliant boxed set that I believe will appeal to any romance reader...Once I started reading, I was hooked from that very first page & had to keep reading until I had finished them all." Nicole Potter, Amazon review


Thanks to all who sent me the name of your favorite SINGLE DAD. Some of your stories were so uplifting and genuine. It was reaffirming to know real heroes exist in this world—sometimes they’re dads.

The randomly selected winner is: Rachel Morrell (And her single dad’s name is Joel.)

Rachel, please reach out to debsalonen@gmail.com to let me know the correct email to use for your Amazon gift card.

With joy and gratitude,


Next up:

3/7: Women’s History Month. TikTok much? Deb reads…tell me what you really think.



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