Script Ideas, revisited.

Last October I had a bit of fun throwing out some weird, funky or stupid ideas for stories. They could be comics, stage plays, full blown movies or a quaint quirky Netflix series (are you listening, Netflix?)

I'm back again with another 8 completely new ones! Some are just a ragged title and barely a sentence to describe it. Are you ready? Here we go...

Forever Endeavor.

Jealous-type bride to be insists groom be hooked to a polygraph machine while they perform their vows at the wedding ceremony.

Fashion Accessory.

A person claims they have a sprained ankle... but it's covering up an ankle bracelet security detector for the Authorities.

'Dreams of Disney, Frozen Stiff...'

There's a reason Walt Disney had himself cryogenically frozen immediately after he died in 1966, and it has to do with Disney controlling about 85% of all entertainment and visual communications in the world by the early 2000s...

Vacation Spot

Rich celebrities and billionaires are disappearing down to South America where their bodies undergo radical surgical alteration. They are made more impermeable to radiation, can breathe thin air comprised mainly of Carbon Dioxide. They can endure small abrasions to their cell structure caused by sharp micro dust particles. They frequently travel by air for a few hours a day to experience 1/6 gravity. A news reporter finds out that they are in truth getting their bodies ready to live on Mars, riding a secret South American rocket. The earth is going to be destroyed by an asteroid that next year.

Designer Dogfight

A 'Dogfight' is where a group of friends meet at a place taking a date with them. The challenge is to see which person can bring the ugliest guest (dog).

Designer Dogfight is where a group of professional lifestyle coaches for the rich try to buy/contrive/maintain any thing or behavior intentionally ugly or outrageous to see who has put together the most hideous 'lifestyle choices' for their client.

John Doe.

A random pair of people get abducted by a serial killer and taken to a strange brushed steel room. He opens the door after some time, and kills one of them. The other manages to escape. He took with him the victim's wallet to get a hold of police and next of kin. In his hurry he fails to notice small details around him that don't seem right. After talking to the police they ask him if this is some kind of joke. He looks up to see the cops are wearing 1960s era uniforms. Looking at the wallet, it shows the victim's year of birth as 1985. The serial killer somehow put the both of them in a time machine to escape punishment. They can't arrest you for killing someone who never existed. The man now has to run for his life and somehow get back to the present to stop future killings.


An expectant mother-to-be goes into the hospital to have the baby. All is perfectly normal, except right at the time of delivery. The baby's head is seen poking out. It takes a look around, and it slips back inside. The doctors think it's just a minor wrinkle in the birth process, try another push, but it's not coming out. Doctors don't want to do anything drastic, they wait. The umbilical cord and placenta start working again. A uterine sack re-forms, covering the baby. Doctors are flabbergasted. The baby seems to be degenerating back into a fetus. Sure enough, it gets smaller and smaller... until it disappears in her uterus forever.

... and my favorite (so far):

"This planet is perfect to colonize."

Scientists see an alien spacecraft coming towards Earth. Everybody panics. Alarms are raised. The alien spacecraft enters Earth orbit, swings around and goes off into space again. Charting its trajectory they see it's going straight to Mars! As far as everyone can tell, it intends to take over Mars, and was using Earth's gravity as a sling-shot.

Just so happens there's a Mars lander that detects where the craft has landed. It takes pictures, rolling to the landing site. Almost gets a picture off to Earth before the screen goes dark. Every Mars probe lander device has stopped transmitting.

2 years later a spaceship is seen leaving Mars, going straight to Earth. THIS IS IT!! The invasion begins. The ship gets closer, gets closer, lands in the Pacific Ocean. An international team spots the triple parachutes (made out of familiar fabric) and sails to the drop site.

They retrieve a cylindrical object that looks like man-made junk pop riveted together in a crazy-quilt pattern. Inside: no aliens. Only every lander, rover, etc. sent to Mars and carefully wrapped up and shipped back to Earth. It's like they're saying 'Here's your stuff, neighbor. Now leave us alone.'

What are yours?

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