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Menachem Av 5776 Edition 3

In Sivan we first launched automated suggestions, after developing an algorithm that suggests compatible profiles to Shadchanim for singles that they are working with.

This month Shadchan Toby Lieder of Australia confirmed the 1st automated suggestion Shidduch!!

Mrs. Lieder relates: "I'm so amazed at the most incredible Shidduch that was just made! This is a Shidduch MADE BY A COMPUTER! I recently started receiving suggestions by email via the automated suggestion feature on Chabadmatch. To actually see the results with my own eyes actually happening is incredible. I got an email from ChabadMatch a month ago, and for the first time it had two profiles side by side, instead of one. I looked it and said 'huh?' 

Then I read that these two individuals were matched up automatically by a computer and not even a human! I thought, Ok, I'll try, what do I have to lose. I forwarded the email to the girl's mom. She wrote back that her husband knows the father, and they like the idea, and want to look into him. She's from Australia and he's from Canada, and the computer think it's good. They went out and it WORKED! I was the Shadchan in between the dates to keep encouraging and assisting, but Hashem is the real Shadchan here!!

In the beginning when I got the email, I almost dismissed it, and thought to myself, 'Yah Sure...' Then I thought, how have I got the right to dismiss an idea and ignore it? I learned from this that when a suggestion comes to us, it's Hashgocha Protis, and we shouldn't take suggestions lightly."

We are looking forward to hearing many more success stories from automated suggestions!

New Feature: Travel Message Board for Shadchanim!

Lubavitchers are real globetrotters and travel often. If you are heading to Israel this summer, and have a stopover in London, why not let our Shadchanim know. They might have a great suggestion for you, but would only suggest it if they knew you were in town. Simply email with your travel dates and we will add the info to our Travel Message Board for Shadchanim.

Rabbi Manis Friedman: What is Good Chemistry?

Uploading a Photo to Your Profile

We can't stress the importance of uploading a photo to your profile. Photos are only visible to Shadchanim, but a picture says a thousand words and makes it much easier for the Shadchan who hasn't met you to try and make a more relevant suggestion. If you haven't uploaded a photo yet, consider uploading one today.

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