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Can someone have a "good" month - without getting many results? As a result-motivated person, I always thought the answer was pretty simple. No, right?

Well... The past month has been really good. Maybe it's the weather.  While I don't have quite the deliverables to show for it unlike other months, I'll try to show some of what has made me feel happy with the months progress. Enjoy :)

I'll Be Working With Elevate as a Technical Intern This Summer!

I'm really excited to be working with Elevate Tech Fest this summer, starting this week (July 2nd). I'm so grateful for having gotten this opportunity that most 16 year olds aren't given a chance with. Shoutout to the TKS Fam: Jen, Navid, Nadeem and everyone at Elevate for helping get me on board!

By the way -  I was given the opportunity to attend Elevate last year through their TD NextGen pass, and it was one my year's top highlights. If you're reading this and are interested in attending one of Canada's most exciting festivals, I HIGHLY recommend you get a ticket! If you are attending the festival in September, shoot me a message and we can work out a coffee chat.

PS - I don't drink coffee so it might be more of a hot chocolate chat 

Spoke At Fleetops About Self Driving Trucks

I had the amazing opportunity to speak about autonomous freight vehicles and trucks at a lunch and learn at Fleetops - an on-demand freight marketplace startup (like an uber to connect consumers to truck drivers). It was an extremely valuable opportunity. Unfortunately, I didn't have any photos or videos taken when I was talking. I hope you can sort of imagine me speaking in a board room. That's pretty close.

Spoke About My Moonshot Idea - Teleportation Through Immersive VR and AI

Passage was a moonshot idea I worked on at TKS, which hypothesized tricking our brains into believing it has teleported using immersive VR and AI. I gave a talk on it in May. However, I just got the video of the actual talk so feel free to check it out. There's a lot of information that went behind the moonshot idea, so please contact me if you're interested!

Watch Me Speak


Don't want to get too wordy, will be Laconic (using few words, think between Batman and Clint Eastwood).

Here are three things I've made progress on, with not many deliverables to show:

  1. Reset the way I read
    1. I was passively reading Principles by Ray Dalio last month. Read this  blog by Farnam Street how I should actually be reading. Reset every book I've been reading currently. 
  2. Figuring out how nutrition + budgeting works 
    1. Been learning about nutrition (calories, macros, micros, cut vs bulk, all that jazz) and tracking my calories. Here's a big guide on nutrition I've read (message me if you'd like key takeaways :) ). Next step is to experiment with different diet plans and find what works best for me!
    2. ALSO created a spreadsheet to budget my money. Down to every cent. Currently self-learning through experimentation, r/personalfinance and other subreddits. If you know any budgeting knowledge bombs, feel free to drop them by!
  3. Made it an ambition to become more technical
    1. I'm not quite as technical as I'd like to be. This past month, I started to learn Python again through Waterloo's CSCircles online course - which shoots a lot of problems and lets you go through the problem-solving procedure all on your own. I've realized that while I do know syntax, I don't really have the right programmer mindset (or at least the one I have the ambition to develop). So that's one of my objectives/ambitions of the next few months.

What's cooking up for July 👨‍🍳

There's a lot I'll be doing the following month, mostly at Elevate! I'm also planning on using some of the earnings to try at starting another Shopify store, again

The first store I tried opening a few months ago didn't go too well - but I've got more drive + knowledge + a year-long domain subscription that still hasn't run out from the last store this time, so wish me luck!

Sohail Sayed

5936 Talisman Court, Mississauga

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