I hope this email finds you well and looking forward to Christmas. I'm on holidays at the moment at a lovely beach house and swimming in the ocean every morning. 

As a Christmas gift, I have three books coming up on special deals.

Princess Avenger will be FREE on December 3rd and 4th AMAZON LINK

The Lady's Choice will be reduced to 99 cents on December 6th to 8th AMAZON LINK

And Princess in Exile will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal, starting at 99 cents, from December 10th to 12th AMAZON LINK

This is a great chance to pick up my first three books in the Queenmakers Saga for only $1.99. Bargain!

I also wanted to draw your attention to the fact that Princess Avenger and The Lady's Choice are now both available in paperback. The rest will follow at the rate of around one book per month. 

What have I been up to? I'm 30 000 words into book 9, The Queen Returns. It's going well but tough drawing all the loose ends together. This is the third instalment in Vard and Alecia's love story.

I'm editing The Master and the Sorceress (book 7) and hope to have the new cover ready to show you soon.

The Princess in Exile paperback will be next up later this month or early January.

Opportunities this month! Readers in the United States can enter A Court of Thorns and Roses competition. Good luck!

Last of all, I'd like your input on an idea I had. I'm considering creating a young adult version of my box set ie the first four books in the Queenmakers Saga. Who would be interested in that? Please let me know by return email. It would essentially be a clean version - no explicit sex. Looking forward to hearing your response.

That's all for now! Happy reading

Bernadette x

Bernadette Rowley Fantasy | 6/50 Enborisoff Street, Taigum
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