Our main topic for the month of June will be Mental Health. Not long time ago we conducted a poll receiving over 1000 responses and would love to proceed with that. 

The results are evidence that despite our ages, genders, nationalities, and other defining attributes, we all struggle and find joy in many similar things.

In sharing your experiences openly with one another, we think you’d find that out for yourselves. For the majority of us, travel has been instrumental for our personal growth and enhanced our lives with meaning and purpose.

Cameron Mofid, a member of our Executive Committee, carefully reviewed all the answers and came up with the idea to group the most common situations into four categories: 

  1. Purpose
  2. Healing
  3. Perspective
  4. Relationships

Once a week for the next four weeks, we will share memoirs from members of our travel community. These memoirs will discuss these topics of purpose, healing, perspective, and relationships.

The first memoir is written by Cameron where he shares his struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and how it has affected his purpose in life and travel.

Read A Garage-Wall Map to an Odyssey Around the World.

Webinar about Mental Health and Travel

On the last Saturday of the month (June 24th) we are going to conduct a webinar which will be a public discussion between our memoir authors. 

The panelists are: 

Register here if you are interested in participating.

New UN Masters

This week we've got two new UN masters :-)

Anna-Katri Raiha from Finland and Andreas Rich from Germany.

It is worth to noting that Anna-Katri is our Executive Committee member and two years ago we published an interview with her. Anna-Katri has been actively documenting this journey on her instagram with over 25k fans

Andreas, whose last country was lovely Tuvalu, also celebrated his achievement in his recent post on instagram

Huge congrats to our new UN masters. There's already 15 of them in 2023, easily surpassing 2020 and 2021, and coming close to 2022, but whether the record of 40 - that we know of - for 2019 will be exceeded this year remains to be seen.

NomadMania on other Travel Events

Last week our partner Orest Zub spoke on the NomadCruise which is a week-long event for Digital Nomads held on the cruise ship.

He was accompanied by his wife Marta Trotsiuk who is also a NomadMania member, being one of the biggest female travellers from Ukraine. 

Digital Nomads is a vibrant community which shares many similar values with other travellers and we are eager to establish valuable partner relations. 

So if by any chance you know about any interesting "travel related" event happening or maybe you host one, by all means contact us.

We are always happy to develop partnerships...


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