It is my honor to offer a free Limited Edition *Autographed Fight Like A Girl album* with every Asylum Oracle deck!
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The Asylum Oracle

I have been working on a number of things I can offer to give either comfort or entertainment during this difficult time, and the first of them is:

With the shipment of every Asylum Oracle deck, I will be including a Free Limited Edition *Autographed Fight Like A Girl album*. (Whilst supplies lastā€”there is a limited number of these albums printed.)

It is my honor to offer this to you or anyone you wish to forward this letter to who might need a dose of magic at this time, especially since, as you know, the album's theme is one of strength and unity in the face of unutterable challenges, culminating in the anthem for moving forward when you've no idea how, "One Foot In Front Of The Other."

I for one will be marching to this song daily. Of course, I will be marching in place because, well, quarantine, but marching nonetheless. I hope you will join me.

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Finally, every Oracle will arrive gift wrapped in ribbons and gold paper, and will be shipped to you with my own paws, including in the package all my love, gratitude, and magic. I love you always, my fellow Inmate. We will get through this together.

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