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Adar Alef 5779 Edition 30

Hundreds Attend Meet ChabadMatch Shadchanim Event at the Kinus

Hundreds of Shluchos attended the Meet ChabadMatch Shadchanim Event at the Kinus HaShluchos. The event allowed Shluchos from small communities around the globe to take advantage of the Kinus to meet with 20+ Shluchos attending the event. Over 300 meetings took place, and mothers also organized a brainstorm session to come up with ideas on their own.

We also received news of a new successful Shiduch from our Gimmel Tamuz Meet Shadchanim Event! Shadchan Sarah Yarmush met a Bochur at that event and recently had a suggestion for him. They recently went out and got engaged!

Legendary Shadchan Rabbi Yonah Avtzon Passes Away

On 3 Shevat, the Chabad world was shocked to hear of the untimely passing of Rabbi Yonah Avtzon at 61. In addition to being the director of Sichos in English, he was a legendary Shadchan having made hundreds of Shidduchim and worked with ChabadMatch for 10 years. His insight to running the site was always coveted and we were looking forward to him attending the Meet Shadchanim Event at the Kinus. 

He leaves behind his wife Rivka, and children: Levi Avtzon - South Africa, Chanie Wolf - Crown Heights, Shmuly Avtzon - Crown Heights, Mushky Edelman - Crown Heights, Sheina Oster - Crown Heights, Stery Goldberg - Crown Heights, Chenny, Zalmy, Sruly, Sholom Ber, Meir and Leah

Click here to donate to an appeal by the family to help continue R' Yonah's Shlichus. 

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