Hi ,


I am very, very distracted.


It's obvious why. World and national news goes without saying. But also my inner world is impacted and my mind isn't settling easily.


I'll preface by saying I'm mentally very well right now, I'm happy, I'm healthy.

But, I’ve been really, really distracted lately. I have a high propensity for a wandering mind anyway, but this is something else.

I can't easily order my thoughts (please note though, not in a mental health struggle way, more of a ‘whoa I need focus but I can’t get it right now’ way).

I can't easily settle my myself. I can't easily get to a 'centre', if that makes sense.


And yet - despite not having much of my business on automation, I have been still able to do a lot in the last 90 minutes that I've been working, so there's a massive win, and one you can easily forget to pat yourself on the back with. 

Despite this distraction, I am even more focused than I've ever been, in my business especially.


So I know this distraction and of course the pandemic changing news is a stage of acceptance to come through and a way of understanding how I settle myself with a lot unsettled around us.

And to help that, I need to do what I always need to do.

Reduce the noise, the influences, the overthinking.

But first accept they're there.

Acknowledge they're part of my experience right now. Acknowledge they do sometimes help me, and know they're not right now.

Other things that help, that may help you too:

Business stuff:
- Set maximum 2 priorities for any working period and only focus on them
- Work away from screens where possible (limited obviously but anything that can be done on paper I'm doing it there)
- Help my brain to stop thinking I should be doing more
- Don't produce more new content, go back to strong messages and repeat, repeat, repeat
- Accept you will not complete even the things you easily focus on, know that slower doesn't mean failure, find the joy in quality not quantity

Personal stuff:
- Drink more water (alarms on phone and reminders on post-its)
- Get good quality sleep (As opposed to trying for long periods of it)
- 3 minute reset meditation (anything more is a bonus)

Settle yourself, and the rest will follow x


Some other things to share with you:


If you missed last week's masterclass teaching you how to have a happy, gentle and profitable coaching business in 2021 I've released the audio as the latest Coaching Uncovered Podcast episode:



And on the subject of the masterclass...


The masterclass I held last week was a huge success.


How do I know other than simply telling you what it felt like?


I had over 60% attendance rate which is great for a free class, especially during the holidays (average / normal is around 20 to max 40%).


I had fully booked calls afterwards and coaches sign up to the Mastermind programme (that I introduced in the free Masterclass) starting in Feb. 


To hear more about the Mastermind, which starts officially on 1st Feb but with 'bonuses' for joining earlier, keep an eye out on here or book a call with me now if you'd like to go through how it can help your service based, and particularly, coaching, business in 2021.


Good pre-requisites for it being successful for you are:


- you're not a start up, you've probably been in business for a few years and tried or using a few ways to work with your clients and marketing routes

- you love your clients and (or sometimes but!) want to work with even more of the amazing ones that get the best results with you

- you have a passion for sharing a strong message but haven't always been clear in how to communicate it and yourself within that, to attract your clients

- you're really keen to work positively with money and your income and not afraid to want more

- you don't want to burnout in the process of pushing for more for you and your business

Book a free call to discuss mastermind

Love for the week and let's hope for less distraction in one way or another,


Emily x



Surrey, UK

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