Guyanese Online: NEWS ARTICLES: Nov 10-15, 2019

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News and Feature Items:  November 10-15, 2019


Guyana Politics: 650,000+ registered to vote in upcoming elections

Guyana Politics: PPP’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali wants Jagdeo as his Vice President


Guyana Public servants getting around 9% wage hikes

President Granger joins 180th Victoria Village celebrations

University Of Guyana Names Professor Edward Greene As New Chancellor

Guyanese conservationist to speak at Guyana Consulate- NYC – December 5, 2019

PROFILE: Joylyn Anita Conway: Miss World-Guyana – Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

Short Stories: My Recollections of CHARLOTTE STREET in Georgetown Guyana – By Royden V. Chan

Guyana’s Villages: Pray Tell- What has happened to our Village? – By Yvonne Sam


Caribbean: What’s going on in Haiti part II? – By Jean H Charles

CARIBBEAN: Time to transform CSME and CARICOM – By David Jessop

Shared Embassies: Overhauling Caribbean Diplomacy – David Jessop


Analysis: Why the Michael Bloomberg’s late entry into the US Democratic Party 2020 race?

USA: This Presidency Has Exposed My White Christian Friends – commentary

The USA’s War on Chinese Advanced Technology – By Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs

God Save the Queen: The US Destruction of the British Empire – Larry Romanoff | Global Research

NYC: Guyanese family mourns as husband kills Queens newlywed woman

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency – by Rosaliene Bacchus

Is Urgency over the need to curb Global Warming finally taking hold? – By Mohamed Hamaludin


MUSIC: 50 Years of the Best-Selling Music Artists 1969 – 2019

OPINION: Blacks: Leaders, Choices and Voices – By Yvonne Sam

Dance Music Video: “Born to be alive” – vintage dance compilation from movies


      GUYANA and CARIBBEAN RECIPES – New Listings now available




Eric Williams and the Anticolonial Tradition: The Making of a Diasporan Intellectual – By Maurice St Pierre

Look inside this book.    (Go to

Eric Williams and the Anticolonial Tradition: The Making of a Diasporan Intellectual (New World Studies) by [St. Pierre, Maurice]A leader in the social movement that achieved Trinidad and Tobago’s independence from Britain in 1962, Eric Williams (1911–1981) served as its first prime minister. Although much has been written about Williams as a historian and a politician, Maurice St. Pierre is the first to offer a full-length treatment of him as an intellectual.

St. Pierre focuses on Williams’s role not only in challenging the colonial exploitation of Trinbagonians but also in seeking to educate and mobilize them in an effort to generate a collective identity in the struggle for independence.   READ MORE... and ORDER 


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