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Issue 46- January 31, 2020

Issue 46- January 31, 2020

Happy Friday Friends!

"Welcome back to "The Cre8tive Life!"- your weekly newsletter full of lifestyle tips, smiles, and cool things to check out! 

This week has been a potluck of activity- a true mix of hermit and social. I attended the NY Times Travel Show, took a couple bellydancing classes, participated in a mentoring event with one of my networking organizations, went salsa dancing, started some new Netflix series, had a dinner/life catch-up with my "little sister," celebrated a friend's birthday, cooked on a stage with an award winning Grand Champion "Chopped" chef (Madison Cowan), randomly met and talked with celebrity that I didn't know was a celebrity (Tyler Cameron) 😂, worked on some proposals for some potential upcoming projects, and did a lot of life reflection.

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Have an AMAZING weekend and upcoming week!



My weekly (random) compilation of some of my favorite "cre8tive" things that I want to share:

  • FAVORITE WORD: Acatalepsy: (noun) the impossibility of comprehending the universe.


  • ADVICE: “Don't be afraid to start over again. This time, you are not starting from scratch, you are starting from experience." - Anonymous


  • MOOD MUSIC: This week's music selection is more of a vibe than a lyrical presentation. It is just a song that puts you (or, at least me) in a good mood. It is none other than, "Ice Tea" by Not the King


  • APP RECOMMENDATION: I recently heard about this  app called, "Be My Eyes," that helps blind and low-vision people lead more independent lives by providing sighted volunteers a platform to "lend their eyes" to solve everyday big and small tasks (ie, helping to figure out a color, reading directions, telling an expiration date, etc.). A few of my friends have been doing it for a good while now, and love it!


  • COOKERY MAGIC:  If you're hosting, or attending, a "Big Game" party this weekend, and are in a bit of a quandary of what to make...this medley of 63 Easy Super Bowl Recipes is sure to provide you with something appetizing. Let me know if you discover a favorite! 


  • LIFESTYLE TIP: Are you one of those people that struggles to get out of bed each morning, and sets like 5 back-up snooze alarms "just in case"? If so, you may find the Alarmy app to be super helpful. It essentially forces you to perform a task when it goes off (solve a math problem, conduct an action, take a picture, etc.), guaranteeing that you will indeed GET UP!


  • FEEL GOOD STORY: Came across THIS heartwarming story of a Mother's love in my social feeds this week, and thought it was quite touching.


In the recent wake of the tragedy of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the others that lost their lives this past week, many thoughts have been stirring up in my mind. The rumination that pretty much encapsulates those reflections can be found in the above quote that I stumbled across. Life is indeed short; and, it is so important to remember to focus and "spend" your currency on the right things. In between the hustle and bustle of our jobs, the societal quest and pressure of perfection, and the "chase" of various other pursuits- one should do frequent self check-ins to make sure that they are truly spending their short time on this earth wisely and in the most meaningful of ways. No one can dictate to you what those "things" are for you, except for you. And, that is also so imperative to remember. I have no "big musing" to write beyond that...just wanted to serve this as a little friendly nudge and reminder.

💗Take care of yourselves, everyone 💗.


This week's challenge is to reflect on the above quote, and to think of a meaningful action you can do to support it within your own life.


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Have a great day, and be sure to take time to enjoy your life!


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