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realKNX O-two: KNX speaker and microphone for voice control

In this edition:

  • realKNX O-two and Artificial Intelligence 
  • realKNX O-two for hotels
  • Video - voice control without cloud systems
  • Trade shows: Invitation to ISH2019 Frankfurt and Eltefa Stuttgart

Christian @ ProKNX

O-two Ceiling Unit and proServ

realKNX O-two and Artificial Intelligence

Today we all know how to control a KNX installation by voice by using one of the excellent cloud services. But is it possible to do the same without a cloud system? And is it possible without tampering with performance and quality?

The answer is yes, it is possible by using Artificial Intelligence! realKNX Air and O-two integrates Snips, the most advanced low footprint voice control system available on the market. The Natural Language understanding is optimised for Home Automation and Hospitality. Non standard device and room names are dynamically added from your ETS parameters. All this, without cloud connection: all S/W runs on the device.

What about quality and usability? I dare to say, the understanding of Home Automation commands is superior to cloud services! We, and thus you, have full control of the vocabulary. We're not limited to whatever the cloud service provider dictates.

When it comes to speed and reliability, we're also winners. When you turn on the light by voice with realKNX, the signal never leaves the building, no need to travel around the globe.

Some voice command examples:

  • "More lights please"
  • "It's too cold in here" (equal to saying Increase the temperature)
  • "Let the sunshine in" (will open the shutters)
  • Classic "Turn on the lights" works too - of course.

realKNX O-two for hotels - Private-by-Design

I believe voice control will increasingly move into the hotel market. In an unfamiliar environment, using voice is the most intuitive way of expressing ones wishes.

  • Speaking and listening is easier than reading and writing.
  • No need for a display, nor a keyboard.
  • Privacy is guaranteed with realKNX, what you say stays in the room.
  • Personalized announcements, e.g. in case of fire what's the nearest route out. 

realKNX O-two supports English, German and French. Spanish and Portuguese available shortly.

Hospitality system is under development, ask for room service, check the restaurant opening hours and menu .. and more! 

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Video for voice control without cloud systems

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The complete realKNX Portofolio for voice control can also be found in the e-Haus of the ZVEH

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