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"Believe in the importance of trusting the process." - Puja K McClymont

Hi , happy sunny bank holiday weekend!

I hope you're doing something nice to enjoy the sunshine. I've got a list of errands to run and then hopefully get to play with my kid this afternoon.

I had an interesting week. British Airways cancelled my flights to Spain!!!! I wrote about the feelings that ensued when I received that email in this week's blog post. The downward spiral was lurking in the background of my mind, it was horrible. It took a lot of calm and a bit of mental aggression to stave it off but I was so close to mounting it, I thought some of you may relate and I'd love to know how you manage the onset of a spiral - they can be really debilitating.

What I found most interesting with this unfortunate turn of events is that I did laugh a little. I was like "anything else you want to throw at me?" (talking to god/Universe). I've been having a week of disappointments. I didn't think that I was in a negative mindset this week, I actually felt really good about things but day after day something was thrown at me this week and I just battled through it, choosing solutions before entertaining any negative self-talk. 

I'm very much in need of a break and I know a lot of my negative self-talk is coming from the exhaustion so I was very aware that if I chose to mount the spiral, I would fall down it with ease. Of course with the retreat coming up, I cannot afford to lose myself right now, I am not only looking forward to the trip but I'm mostly looking forward to spending that week with incredible people so I want to be my best self as much as I can. This is the lead thought in my mind. I want to enjoy the week. That might sound selfish because perhaps I should be more driven by helping the people coming but you see, this is coaching. Half the work is done by the sheer fact the attendees have chosen to come on the trip. They have taken the first step to making the changes they want to see in their lives, I'm just the guide - and the fun-time giver!

It's amazing what can come up when you're faced with an adverse situation. I was super ready to take it all out on my husband as he didn't appear to be supportive. This was completely misplaced and I managed not to lose it with him but I was close and almost happy to do so. I however chose to focus on my actual adversity and not create something new with him - much to his delight lol. Sleeping on it can really be a lifesaver sometimes especially if you know there's a part of you being fuelled by the irrational. 

Anyway, I have new flights, I get to travel with my Pilates teacher which is going to be great as I haven't seen her for about month. I'm psyched about the retreat itself and I'm looking forward to just being Puja, the Well-being Coach. 

I hope you have a great weekend  and if you're going through anything similar or have some tips about how you manage the spiral I'd love to hear about them.

Lots of love

Puja x



I have one room left and I've now reduced it to cost price - so if you've clicked this link before and not completed the purchase, this is your absolute LAST CHANCE to come and make incredible changes to your life for just £750 Single occupancy. 

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Saturday 14th September

If you're interested in working on a specific goal for any area of your life, I am offering 3 places at this workshop for only £350pp. 

Hosted at the luxury Taj London, the day includes:

  • Specially curated wellness Breakfast and Lunch
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Indian head massage
  • Indian foot massage
  • Access to the spa including pools
  • 5 hours of Coaching
  • Gift bag

For more information, please reply to this email.

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Defining Work-Life Balance
The Clarity Hour

Hosted once a month in London, The Clarity Hour cuts through all the wellness noise and helps you define what works for you and what you actually need to be doing in order for you to truly live well. Discount Code: CHM30

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1 Day Intensive

A perfect blend of intensive coaching to get you moving towards your goals and some much needed self-care and pampering to relieve stress and bring you back to centre. 
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Transformation Programme

This 6 week programme is ideal if you have lots on your plate, are trying to juggle work and family life, trying to achieve your personal goals as well as improve your wellness but are either confused about what to do, what’s working or want to know how to move your goals forward.

**1/2 PRICE SPECIAL** Discount Code: FU6M50

£625pp £1,250pp
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7 Nights, 5* Ayurvedic Wellbeing Escape.
Re-set Re-focus Re-energise

  • 5* Luxury award-winning hotel
  • Daily Yoga and Coaching
  • Daily beauty and Ayurvedic treatments
  • 2 excursions & Delicious vegetarian meals

If you're interested in attending, please click the button below to register your interest. Just email me that you're keen!

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I'm here for you hun.  

Lots of love xx

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