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Some photos are so astounding that a thousand questions bubble to the surface of our thoughts the moment we see them. In the 21st century, one of the first questions usually is: “Was this photoshopped?” Open full post

"I have been photographing my [dogs] in silly costumes for over a year, and I don't regret a minute of it." Open full post

The fact that you're willing to pay a person for their services doesn't give you full control over their lives. After all, it is a transaction. Both parties have to agree on its terms. And while this sounds like basic logic to most of us, some people simply don't get it. Open full post

I once again capture the hilarious moments in the life of every cat owner. It is filled with exciting adventures, unexpected surprises, and true love. Open full post

Italian artist Luigi Kemo Volo is probably best known for his photo montages where he inserts Disney characters into real life, but he uses other brilliant ways to play with perspective as well. Open full post

Rosie, Poppy, and Ollie have truly changed my family’s entire life, and we are beyond thankful for them. Rosie’s story starts about 3 years ago when my oldest daughter had been asking for a cat to join our family. Open full post

They say that you can be anyone you want. Well, cosplayers put a different spin on that: they can be everyone they want. One person like that is cosplayer Jasmine James, who is best known as CutiePieSensei. Open full post

The world was eagerly waiting to hear who the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize laureate would be and now, finally, that wait has come to an end. Open full post

Cosplay has become a massive cultural phenomenon in the past decades, giving rise to a slew of events and conventions dedicated solely to costume play. Every year, millions of fans gather wearing costumes of their favorite characters from anime and television series, video games, comic books, and movies. Comic Con is one such event, having started off as a comic book convention and today celebrating all forms of media and entertainment in pop culture, especially cosplay. Open full post

Celebrities who shaved their heads are the perfect example that a bare head doesn’t diminish someone’s beauty. Open full post

The growing population of many regions makes urban developers scratch their heads in an attempt to make room for everyone. With land being expensive and short in supply the only logical option is to build tall structures rather than wide. This solution has produced many rather 'skinny' and sometimes even funny looking buildings all over the world. Open full post

Recently, the story of Leo, a dog from Thailand, went viral. His owners accidentally left the poor pooch near a gas station. Leo waited four long years until the return of his family. Open full post

I've been training myself in photorealism since 2016. It's been a bit of a journey, but I'm finally at a place, where I'm truly proud of my work. Charcoal is the main medium I used, with graphite for the finer details. Open full post

It’s quite possible that a lot of you Pandas out there have a nostalgic love of video game pixels. But do you know what’s better than pixels? Pixel cats. Open full post

We like to think that we're immune to scams. However, some of them are so advanced, they can trick even the most vigilant ones. Almost. Open full post

There's a saying that you can't buy happiness but as we're living in these commercial-based times certainly not all of us would agree. While surely welcome and useful, money is not necessary in every case.  Sometimes all it takes to surprise and show affection to a loved one is just some time and creativity. Open full post

Let's face it, tiny animals getting hurt is probably one of the saddest things in life, but it's so heartwarming to see them being nurtured back to health by caring humans! This is exactly what happened to tiny koala joey who feel from a tree and was given the most adorable tiny cast. Pictures the tiny baby quickly went viral because obviously, people couldn't stop looking at this adorable baby. Open full post

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