...here's a GREAT question I get about...


As you might be able to tell, I'm testing out a new email platform.

(note: you *should* be able to see images in this email - if you do NOT see images, look all the way at the top of the email to fix it)

The word I chose to focus on for 2017 is:  SIMPLE

Why?  Because simple works  =)

So on my list of things to "simplify" is looking into a more simple version of an autoresponder - one that doesn't stress me out to use OR to pay for.

I'm hoping I found my solution in this new email list autoresponder service.

Not only is it simple to use (so far), but it's also FREE upto 1,000 subscribers.  No catch.... just free forever.

That's kinda cool, right?

I'll update you with my thoughts and opinions after I've had more time to really work with it.

Ok, let's jump in...

But What About 'Duplicate Content' When Using Pre-Written PLR Articles?

In my latest post on PotPieGirl.com, I shared how I personally use pre-written PLR articles on my niche sites.

=>  You can read that post on PotPieGirl.com here

Since PLR Article Packs are sold to multiple people, that means multiple people are most likely using the same article(s) on their sites, right?

(note: if you do not totally understand what PLR is, please read this.)


That brings about the age-old question of:


What About Duplicate Content?

First off, true 'duplicate content' is when the same exact content is found more than once on the SAME website - NOT on multiple different websites.

That said, naturally no one wants the same article on their site that is on other sites, right?

So, in my PLR Tips and Tricks, I show you exactly how I take a pre-written PLR article that lots of other people may also be using, and tweak it, dress it up, monetize it, and make it mine - and, it is seen as unique to Google.


How Do I Know That It's Ok With Google?

For one, my blog posts created with pre-written PLR articles tend to always rank well in Google - so that's definitely a good sign that Google is ok with my posts, right?  =)

Secondly, there is a free little Wordpress plugin that allows me to check my content for other instances of my sentences on Google.

It's a very handy little plugin!

The plugin is called "Plagiarism Checker" - you can get more details about the plugin here or just download it from inside your wp-admin area.

This is the plugin creators in-depth info page that gives you more info about the plugin and more details about how it works.

Hope that helps!



Read My PLR Tips and Tricks Here
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