Travel is widely hailed as a transformative pursuit, offering adventure, learning, and cultural immersion. Yet, amidst the excitement and curiosity, it’s crucial to acknowledge the less glamorous aspects of it.

Let’s delve into the unromantic aspects of the lifestyle of constant travel and shine a light on the challenges that often go unspoken. Read the article...

SLOW down your travel

One of the simplest solutions to bring more quality to an active traveller's adventures and to fix the mental health part of it - is to slow down :-) 

Whether it's having a base to return to or simply taking a break, both provide the energy needed to continue exploring the world through our greatest passion: travel.

This is just a reminder about one of our newer lists - SLOW :-)  

We have attempted to quantify what is a very qualitative way of travelling, and have done so by focusing on total number of days spent in a country.

In all cases, a minimum of 7 continuous days in a country is a 'must' to claim you have 'travelled slowly'. Check it out and fill your SLOW score here.

New Feature - Improved Series Marking

The ever growing Series list (60k+ items) which is one our most used features recently received an update which we believe will make your life easier and your travels more exciting. 

Now in order to mark a Series item as done or visited there is no need to look for it among many lists. You can simply mark it on the map directly. 

Perhaps it's time to review what have you done or seen recently ;-) 

NomadMania at King's Day in The Hague 🇳🇱

OurBeNeLux Envoy Razvan Bondalici has arranged an exciting program that promises to immerse you in one of the most cherished events in the Netherlands – King's Day!

Live Music and Street Performances, Green Canal Cruise, Pub Crawls and Iconic Distilleries, Fields Excursion and more in and around The Hague.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity if you happen to be in the neighborhood. Full program details and registration are here :-) 

New DARE places

New DARE places (all in Central America megaregion) of this week are: 

PHOTO: Laguna de Tamiahua 

Nestled on Mexico's Gulf Coast, Laguna de Tamiahua enchants with its serene beauty. Sunrise paints the sky as mangroves whisper along the shoreline. Visitors can explore its lush greenery and vibrant birdlife through labyrinthine channels. This coastal gem offers an unforgettable taste of Mexico's natural splendor and local culture.


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