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Issue #22

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Skin to Skin Launch

Skin to Skin Launch - 4 March 2017


You're invited to join us for the launch of Skin to Skin week 2017, this Saturday, 4 March 2017.



Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama


This book is short (122 pages), has plenty of white space, and is written in a friendly, “girlfriend-like,” irreverent, and often funny style. Most importantly, Lauren Rauseo has nailed what it takes to have a medication-free birth in a hospital today. And she does it without scaring the reader to death. The heart of the book comes from her own birth stories which she does not share until the very end of the book. But throughout the book, she shares snippets of her experiences as well as stories and quotes from other mothers who have achieved drug-free births in hospitals.

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The perfect dance of birth hormones


Our birthing hormones are critical to actually making labour and birth happen! In addition, our hormone systems prepare us in the final weeks, days and hours – for an efficient labour and birth, help with labour pain and stress, ensure a safe birth for our babies and, after it is all over, give us feelings of reward and pleasure as we meet our babies for the first time. But for all this to happen in perfect harmony - to work the most efficiently - the birthing hormones need to work together in perfect synchronicity

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Birth Partner Cheat Sheet


Uncertain about your role as a birth partner? Follow these nine easy guidelines

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Microbiome formation at birth


Until recently we have not paid too much importance to our gut. But there is now research coming out with a new paper being published every 6 hours around the world with how important the gut and the microbes are to particularly our long term health.

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Herbal remedies for milk supply


It is quite possible that herbal remedies help increase milk supply. Almost every culture has some sort of herb, plant or potion to increase milk supply. Some may work, some may work as placebos (which is fine), and some may not work at all. Some will have active ingredients that will not increase the milk supply but have effects, not necessarily desirable. Note – even herbs can have side effects, even serious ones

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Tongue-tie, Lip-tie and releases


During pregnancy, the developing tongue separates from the floor of the mouth. Sometimes this process is incomplete and some of the tissue remains – this is called a frenulum. If the frenulum interferes with the normal movement or function of the tongue, it is called “ankyloglossia” or “tongue-tie”

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Skin to Skin

Sabre tooth tigers and teddy bears



Connecting with your baby – Dance of the nappy

Simon Sinek

Understand the effects of social media on you and your children

Simon Sinek - millennials in the workplace

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