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ABS #StayHome Bulletin - 3

Dear followers,

First of all, we wish you a healthy day. This week we decided to present you our newsletter in a video format.

If you remember, for the past weeks we have been preparing special informative bulletins, in addition to our regular monthly references. In our first bulletin, we looked at how the disposable formworks have a very high load bearing capacity with very little concrete and steel.

#1 - Bulletin - EN: https://preview.mailerlite.com/w9j6l8

In our second bulletin, we examined our advantages compared to conventional indoor filling materials.

#2 - Bulletin - EN: https://preview.mailerlite.com/j1b1a3

This week, we would like to tell you about another application that we encounter very often; namely, landscape fillings.

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These days, many housing projects are designed with living and social areas connected to each other. And, landscape areas make the most of the common social areas. Of course, if these projects are in crowded big cities, artificial green areas are almost a must, since there is just no space for natural green habitats. This kind of green areas can only be created on the terraces, above the parking lots or in the podium areas between the towers.

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The types of plants differ according to the soil thickness in such landscape areas. For example, grass requires a minimum of 20 cm soil, many bush types are OK with 40 cm soil, and many short tree kinds require 80 cm soil. What we see as ABS from the construction sites in general is that these landfill areas are on average 40 to 60 centimeters high.

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So, what is the function of disposable formworks in such landscape areas?

Disposable formworks are very useful in the construction of concrete surfaces, also called hard landscaping.

For example, let's assume two residential towers with a podium area in between and a parking space below the podium area. In this podium area, in addition to all the green fields, there must be structures that require concrete surfaces such as walkways, children's playground or pergolas between the towers. All of these concrete surfaces can be constructed easily with ABS disposable formworks.

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As we explained earlier, disposable formworks are there to construct a reinforced concrete raised floor. Since these structures will be basically hollow, first, a very serious weight saving is provided. Second, these void spaces can be used for passing irrigation pipes or garden illumination cables. The load bearing capacity of this type of reinforced concrete raised floor will also be very high, as we explained in our earlier bulletins, and there will be no risk of structural cracking.

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In addition to all of these advantages, perhaps the most important feature of using disposable formworks in landscape areas is that the reinforced concrete structure constructed with disposable formworks will not prevent the flow of drainage water. Technically, in such a podium area, the drainage water flow direction and the floor gutters should be planned very carefully. Ideally, all slopes, regardless of the structures on the area, should be adjusted in an architecturally appropriate way to the large main structure.

The most standard layers that we encounter in our experience are as follows; first of all, there is the slope concrete on top of the structural slab, then water insulation comes on top of that slope concrete. Then a layer of vapor barrier and heat insulation of hard polyurethane foam. Finally, a 5 cm top protective concrete layer covers them all. Again, this is a typical section we encounter most often, there could be others. Once the protective layer is finished than bubbled drainage sheets are placed on top of it and then finally comes soil for the plants. Disposable formworks are also placed on the top of the protective layer just like the drainage sheets.

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The trick at this stage is the construction of the parapets that will close the sides of the disposable formworks. Namely; while the parapets are being built on top of the protective layer, they should either be casted on top the drainage sheet so that half of the parapet will pass the drainage water - the other half will press firmly on the ground with full of concrete - or, just leave a drainage hole every 30 to 40 cm in the parapet.

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We hope this information was useful for you. You can always write to us at info@absyapi.com.tr, or you can check our web site at disposableformworks.com for all the technical data and more references.

See you next week, we wish you again healthy days.

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