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November 22, 2019             


Meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Brussels       |       Credits @ NATO

L. Linkevičius: Both unity of NATO allies and credibility of NATO are invaluable

On 20 November, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius participated in the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Brussels, which finalized preparations for the meeting of NATO leaders on 3 and 4 December in London, the United Kingdom. NATO Foreign Ministers discussed progress in strengthening NATO deterrence and defence posture, and ensuring a high level of readiness of our forces in order to better respond to cyber-attacks and hybrid threats. Foreign Ministers also discussed relations with Russia, China, the future of arms control and sharing the burden of defence expenditure.

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Estonia opens honorary consulate in Lithuania's Klaipėda

Estonia has opened an honorary consulate in Lithuania's port city, Klaipėda, according to the Estonian Foreign Ministry.

Arnoldas Šileika, the Director General of the Western Shipyard company, part of the Estonian shipbuilding BLRT Group headquartered in Tallinn, was appointed as the honorary consul.

Arnolas Šileika was appointed as the honorary consul. He is currently the director of the Western Shipyard company based in Klaipėda that is part of the shipbuilding BLRT Group headquartered in Tallinn.

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Lithuania to commemorate key independence battle on Armed Forces Day

Lithuania will mark the 101st anniversary of its

military during the Armed Forces Day on November 23, which coincides

with the commemoration of a key 1919 victory against German-backed


Troops from allied countries, including those deployed in Lithuania as part of NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence, as well as the joint Lithuanian-Polish-Lithuanian Brigade LITPOLUKRBRIG, will take part in a parade along Geminidas Avenue.

Overhead, Danish and Belgian F-16 jets taking part in NATO’s air policing mission will stage a fly-by.

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Credits @ LRV

Reburial of 1863 Uprising leaders: pivotal moment in relations of Lithuania, Poland and Belarus

Vilnius is preparing to host one of the biggest international ceremonies of recent years, a state reburial of the leaders of the 1863-1864 uprising. The ceremony on Friday, to be attended by the presidents of Lithuania and Poland and a deputy prime minister of Belarus, will be a pivotal moment in the relations among the three countries, the Lithuanian government says.

The January Uprising, as it is known in Poland, was a failed attempt to restore the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, most of which had been under the Russia rule since 1795. The uprising started in January 1863 among young Polish conscripts and spread across the lands of present-day Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, involving both the peasantry and landed gentry.

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Invest Lithuania
1:36 PM - Nov 21, 2019

One of the secrets of Lithuania’s success is the quality of its local talent – but it’s no secret any more! This year, Lithuania climbed an incredible eight places, from 36 to 28, in the IMD World Talent Ranking – the definitive global ranking of talent across 63 of the world’s most developed economies. The list rates each country for investment and development of its talent, as well as its readiness and appeal. Lithuania’s rapid rise clearly demonstrates the success of skills training as well as strong collaboration between business and academia. In particular, Lithuania ranked highly for gender equality, coming top of the list for the percentage of women in the workforce! Download the IMD World Talent Ranking 2019 here: Want to know more about talent in Lithuania? Visit

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Digital banks – a common practice or the distant future?

Banks are undergoing transformation, and their digitisation is faster than ever before. However, whether digital banking can replace traditional banking, will be a question during this year's Fintech Inn, the largest financial technology conference in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states, according to a press release.

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Klaipeda: A city with a vision that really means business

Klaipeda, Lithuania’s third largest city, has a plan. This bustling coastal city is already an established maritime, logistics and manufacturing hub. But it is targeting a massive diversification of its economy and business environment over the next ten years, including development of its global business services industry. Unsaturated, bursting with talent, and with a structure and vision for its ongoing development, now is the time to think Klaipeda.

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This week “Contrarian Ventures”, “Startup Lithuania”, “Koinvesticinis fondas”, “TGS Baltic” and “” released a study about the state of the Lithuanian Startup & Venture Capital Ecosystem. The report is based on a data study concerning the period 2013 until now. It compares different countries in the Central Eastern European & Baltic region regarding Venture Capital, Startups and growth potential of the Technology ecosystem.

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Lietuvos bankas Lietuvos bankas
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Did you know that Sapieha Palace is the only remaining Baroque style palace in Lithuania? The €20 collector coin de…

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Lithuania: Thriving start-up scene

Lithuanian’s IT industry is booming. Its pioneers want to conquer the tech world with new ideas. Some young Lithuanians are even returning from abroad to work in the start-up scene.

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Why has Lithuania become a key destination for licensing in Europe?

The banking licence Revolut received in Lithuania in December 2018 came as good news. From now on, the London-based firm would be allowed to offer new products, including consumer and business loans, in the whole European Union thanks to the passporting rights. This was also a positive outcome for the Lithuanian authorities, which saw one of the fintech giants picking Lithuania as a key destination to launch its activities on the continent.

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Conductor Mirga Gražinytė - Tyla just dropped her new album         |
Credits @ Deutsche Grammophon

Tsarist-era prison in Vilnius to be transformed via creative workshops

Lithuania’s state enterprise Turto Bankas (Property Bank) will hold workshops next year to decide on the future use of the vacant prison in central Vilnius. The last inmates were transferred the century-old Lukiškės prison in late June. In July, politicians, businessmen and public figures discussed possibilities to house a startup center here, a cultural space, hotel or a tourist attraction.

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Latest Lithuanian films and projects to compete in Tallinn

Lithuania joins Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (aka PÖFF) with a rich line-up and a growing delegation of Lithuanian film professionals. 12 Lithuanian films and co-productions will be screened at this year’s programme, with the world premiere of Jurgis Matulevičius’ debut film “Isaac” (lit. Izaokas) being one of the most awaited events, Lithuanian film center informs.

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Go Vilnius
9:30 AM - Nov 19, 2019

The EUFCN wants you to vote for the best European film and TV location, and Vilnius has been short-listed for HBO's #Chernobyl! #Vote for #Vilnius by 30 December to put fictional Pripyat on the map AND get entered to win a trip to the winning location! 👉 👈

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Lithuania's youngest-ever national team player wants to inspire girls to play basketball

Justė Jocytė is turning 14 this month, but she is already being crowned the supertalent of Lithuanian basketball. The youngest player to be invited to the national team, Jocytė hopes her example will inspire young girls to play basketball.

Jocytė is already training with the national team in Kėdainiai and played her first game on Thursday.

“I was anxious before coming [to the training camp] and had many questions: what's it going to be like, how will they accept me? But everyone was friendly and gradually I became part of the team,” Jocytė tells

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The Baltic University: higher education in post-war refugee camp

As Baltic refugees moved West, they brought along their institutions – including, the Baltic University.

During World War Two, three successive occupations – by the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union again – wiped the nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from the map of Europe. When the war was over, hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Baltic states found themselves in limbo in displaced persons camps in Germany – unwilling to return to their still Soviet-occupied homelands, but often with no idea where to go from there, or if any countries would even accept them. Many stayed in the camps for several years.

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Credits @ Kilimangiaro

November 23 - December 31
Musical Christmas

Variety of musical events dedicated to the magical time of Christmas in Vilnius.

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From Novemeber 29
Mekas Winks Better

Mekas considered winking as a form of communication capable of expressing a multitude of meanings: agreement, anger, disgust or admiration. And it was with a wink that Salvador Dalí, the star of surrealism, hoped to provoke Mekas during happenings they both attended. 

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Lietuvos ambasada Nyderlanduose/Embassy of Lithuania in the Netherlands
12:58 PM - Nov 15, 2019

Join the public debate “The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its Legacy: Spheres of Influence in Europe” on Thursday, on 28 November 2019 at 5 p.m. in Wijnhaven-building campus The Hague of Leiden University, room 2.02. The debate is organized by the Foundation History of Totalitarian Regimes and their Victims (SGTRS) in collaboration with the Bachelor Students of International Studies (BASIS) with the support of the European Institute on Communist Oppression (EIOCO). For the programme of this debate, including information on speakers and panelists, please visit: 80 years ago on 23 August 1939, the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed a Treaty of Non-Aggression, known as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and its secret protocols, dividing Europe and the territories of independent states between the two totalitarian regimes and grouping them into spheres of interest, which paved the way for the outbreak of the Second World War. Polish Embassy in the Netherlands Estonian Embassy in The Hague Embassy of Latvia in the Netherlands Užsienio reikalų ministerija BASIS Jonge Atlantici/YATA Netherlands

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Lithuanian World Community head proposes expanding separate dual citizenship cases

Dalia Henke, chair of the Lithuanian World Community, is proposing expanding separate cases when dual citizenship is possible after the dual citizenship referendum failed in Lithuania in May due to a lack of votes.

In her words, despite the failed bid to amend the Constitution, almost 1 million people voted in favour of expanding the dual citizenship institute and "a strong mandate was received for the president, Seimas members and also the Constitutional Court".

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Highlight of the Week
Moment from the Ceremony of the State Funeral of the commanders and participants of the 1863-1864 uprising

Vilnius, Lithuania
Photo credits @ LRV

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