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Body Language Secrets to Improve Sales

Body Language Needs Attention
If 90% of our communication is non-verbal – and we’re in sales – that’s more than enough evidence to check-in on how we show up. And, what clues we give our audience. You don’t have to be in marketing to wonder what message you’re conveying. You’re communicating on a daily basis to prospects, your team, customers and even your family.

Contributed by: Robin Samora Body Language Secrets to Improve Sales

Build in a Regimen and Follow the Plan

Coaches have practice. A sales manager has one-on-one meetings with an agenda. Come prepared and make sure there is accountability. Your meeting should – at the minimum – include forecast review, pipeline review, skills discussion and improvement recommendations. Make sure to listen versus talk!

Aim High

There are many aspects of your professional life, so trying to summarize “what you do” in about 20-30 seconds is easier said than done. Start from the top floor and work your way down by focusing on the principles and priorities of what you do instead of the specifics and details. Think about WIIFT. From a bird’s eye view, what can you include that’s important for your audience to know, and how is that applicable to you?

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