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Free and Almost-Free eBooks - Wednesday September 18th

Such A Deal: Three Nice Jewish Detectives


By Julie Smith, Shelley Singer, Dick Cluster

Mystery Box-Set

An anthology containing one each from THREE top-rated sleuth series by best-selling authors Shelley Singer, Julie Smith, and Dick Cluster, PLUS award-winning author Patty Friedmann’s powerful and emotional autobiographical novel.
This book contains four complete novels.

Burn: Earth 6.0 Trilogy: Book One

99 cents

By Helen Hyland

New Release

Sci-Fi Romance

In two weeks life on Earth would end. Victoria Phillips was one of the fortunate ones, she'd won a spot in Earth's underground sanctuary. Unfortunately, it came with Phoenix Tanner. He'd been sent to escort her to safety, but the man drove her nuts with his arrogant, annoying, sexist attitude. She was torn between kicking his shins and running her nails down his back, tracing that delicious tattoo.
She was relieved when they picked up more winners, and his attention shifted away from her. But the more time the group spent together; the more she got to know Nix… she began to suspect that the lottery wasn't all that random after all.

Don't Tell Meg (Don't Tell Meg Trilogy Book 1)


By Paul J. Teague

Psychological Thriller

Two women. One night. So many deaths …When radio journalist Pete Bailey betrays his wife Meg on his fortieth birthday, he has no idea of the terrible consequences that will follow his infidelity.
Other books from this series are available here.


99 cents

By Maria Riegger

New Release

Contemporary Romance

They're opposing candidates in a contentious election who have a scandalous past.
Years ago, Monica and Brian had an intense affair, which ended in heartbreak.
Years later, Monica ends up facing Brian in a congressional campaign on the outskirts of Washington, DC. Old sentiments resurface, threatening to derail Monica's political plans. And when everything becomes public, Monica turns into a woman with nothing to lose. She's determined to win the election at any cost, despite whatever she may be feeling for her opponent. As Brian deals with his feelings for the only woman who ever really understood him, he is forced to make a decision about revealing information that could help him, but destroy her. As oversized egos and the desire to win an election threaten the bond slowly forming between these two political opponents, they end up discovering that they may have more in common than they originally thought.

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We believe there are some seriously talented undiscovered authors out there. We do what we can to unearth them and present their works to you. 

Have You Found Any?

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Yeah, we had to get a dog reference in there. Did you like it? Enjoy the books today!

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Barnabas Tew and The Case of The Enlightened Cow


By Columbkill Noonan

New Release

Cozy Mystery

Barnabas and Wilfred are about to face their most daunting foe yet in the thrilling fourth adventure in the Barnabas Tew series: themselves!
Our hapless heroes find themselves presented with a new case. This time, they’re tasked with saving the life of Rama, a very important Hindu god. But while they search for a way to rescue the god, they are also forced to search within themselves.
Can they overcome the truths they find there? Will they see through the manipulations of the Hindu gods to find the solution to their case? The balance of all things depends on their success!

Crooked Crossroads: A Paranormal Suspense Story (Child Lost Series Book 1)


By Trinity Crow


All she wanted was a place to call her own, but turning 18 meant going from abandoned child to the girl everyone wants a piece of. Now, Child's life will be flipped upside down by supernatural when she moves into a carriage house full of memories and ghosts who can't rest. As she struggles to figure out who she can trust, her way forward is shadowed the lies and secrets buried in the history of a town created by a curse. A curse laid down for her…and her alone.
Other books from this series are available here.

For Our Authors

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Red Light Therapy: Miracle Medicine for Pain, Fatigue, Fat loss, Anti-aging, Muscle Growth and Brain Enhancement

99 cents

By Mark Sloan


Learn how to use revolutionary light technology to accelerate healing of virtually all disease and conditions. After losing his mother to cancer at age 12, science writer and bestselling author Mark Sloan has committed his life to finding safe and alternative therapies for all diseases.
Red light therapy has been proven effective in over 50,000 scientific studies to date for dozens of diseases and conditions. The best part? Not a single negative side effect has been reported in the literature to date.

First Love, Fragile Heart


By Susan Bloom

New Release

Young Adult

An emotional story about first love and the true definition of a "roller coaster" relationship. Sandy and Andrew are high school students that think they know what love is, but figure out quickly that they have a lot to learn.

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