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Dear Reader,

Many of you have emailed me to ask when I will publish more audiobooks (narrated by the sexy Eric G. Dove). Since audiobook production is expensive, I’ve decided to run my first ever Kickstarter campaign.

What is Kickstarter?

It's NOT GoFundMe! On Kickstarter, artists, authors, and other creatives raise money to produce something of value - in my case the audiobook of A Hush of Greek - and the backers of the campaign (you!) can choose which rewards they want for it. Scroll further down to see what rewards I offer (audiobooks, signed paperback, ebooks).

The campaign will start very soon. Please visit my Kickstarter page and click on the green "Notify me on launch" button. If I can raise the capital needed (ie. reach my funding goal), then I will hire Eric G. Dove to narrate A Hush of Greek, the last book in the Out of Olympus series.

If the campaign is successful, I’ll be running similar campaigns to continue producing audiobooks for the Scanguards series and others.

Thanks so much for your support over the years!


Tina's Kickstarter Pre-Launch page


What rewards do you offer for the different support tiers?

  • Poseidon $5 - A Hush of Greek ebook
  • Athena $15 - All 4 ebooks of the Out of Olympus series
  • Eros $20 - A Hush of Greek audiobook and ebook
  • Helios $25 - Signed paperback of A Hush of Greek (US only - shipping included)
  • Aphrodite $35 - A Hush of Greek audiobook and all 4 ebooks of the Out of Olympus series
  • Hera $80 - All four audiobooks and ebooks of the Out of Olympus series
  • Zeus $180 - All four signed paperbacks, audiobooks and eboooks of the Out of Olympus series (US only - shipping included)
  • Olympus $250 - Everything from the Zeus tier PLUS a 30-minute Zoom chat with Tina Folsom (ask me anything!) (Limit: 3 backers)
  • Add-ons - Signed paperbacks of the 4 books in the series ($25 per signed paperback - US only - shipping included)

When will I get my chosen reward?

Some of the rewards (existing audiobooks and ebooks) will arrive shortly after the end of the campaign, but the paperbacks as well as the new audiobook will come in February/March 2023, depending on Eric’s availability, and speed of shipping of paperbacks.

How do I receive the digital products (ebooks, audiobooks)?

The digital products will be distributed via Bookfunnel. Many of you already have a Bookfunnel account. If you don't  have one, just set up your free account with Bookfunnel now.

I've never been on Kickstarter. What do I have to do?

Go to Kickstarter, and sign up for your free account. Then start browsing to find projects you'd like to support. If you want to support a project, Kickstarter will ask you to provide them with your credit card information. Please note that you won't be charged until the project funds fully. If the funding goal isn't reached, the campaign will automatically be cancelled and no money changes hands.

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