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Happy October!

YAY! Halloween season has arrived!

I mean, it's always Halloween season in my dark little heart, but now the rest of you have to deal with it, too. Enjoy, suckers!

One more week until Rhys and Sage hit your Kindles! I'm working on some last minute edits and changes before the final upload deadline (*grumbles about ideas too good to pass up while halfway through the story*). I'm so excited to bring these two to life.

Here's a kinda sorta shmexy snippet to hold you over ;)



She unglued her tongue from the roof of her mouth. “What would you do? If you could?”

Only his eyes moved. Deep, dark blue flicked up and pinned her in place as a low, rumbling purr vibrated the air. “What would I do?” he repeated. His purr turned to a groan. “Whatever you’d like me to do. Whatever you’d let me do.”

She swallowed hard. Her stomach shot straight to her toes with the same excited trepidation of the first sudden drop on a rollercoaster. “Which would be?” she urged.

This wasn’t her. The words were channeled from some alien being, not the scared, powerless creature she’d become.

Rhys cocked his head, a slow smile ticking up the corners of his mouth. “I’d loop an arm around you and pull you close. Run my free hand up your arm and over your shoulder until I caught your chin between my fingers. Your heart is pounding so hard, Sage. It’s louder than anything I’ve ever heard.”

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. She prayed she wouldn’t suffer a heart attack.

“I’d lean in close enough to feel your breath on my lips. A fraction of an inch closer, I’d brush my lips over yours. Just a tease, just enough to make you lean forward. I want to know you want to kiss me.”

Wanting wasn’t the problem. She’d wanted it at the bar. She wanted it right then. Keeping the panic at bay was the difficult part of the equation.

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New from friends!
Destined in Forbidden: A Shifter Paranormal Romance (Alphas & Alchemy: Fierce Mates Book 7)

Living the #badgerlife includes free tacos, new besties, and a walk-on role in a firefighter calendar shoot.

Weasels are terrible. Unwanted weasel fiances are worse. Magic ensures shapeshifter Natalie won’t be found by her betrothed as long as she remains in her honey badger form. But her cover is blown when she shifts in a hot firefighter’s bathroom and he emerges from the shower to find her standing there--very human, very curvy, and very naked.

After his years-long stint as a pie-stealing vulture, tiger shifter Grant is free of his curse. No one understands what he’s been through, or what it’s like to be trapped in a body that doesn’t belong to them. Until a roly poly honey badger climbs through his window. She’s on the run and she’s just as lost as Grant, and he’ll do anything to keep her safe.

Destined in Forbidden is the seventh stand-alone book in the Alphas & Alchemy: Fierce Mates series. Do you love hot alphas, feisty heroines, and steamy love scenes? Of course you do. ;) Get Destined in Forbidden for a hilarious, suspenseful shifter story you won’t want to put down!

Gargoyles: A Shifter and Rockstar Romance Boxed Set (Underground Encounters Boxed Set Book 3)

Stone hard shifters…

Features two gargoyle stories in the Underground Encounters series, both named Night Owl Reviews Top Picks!

HEAT – A gargoyle statue that's more than stone...

Danton breaks from his curse to protect Tracy, the woman he has longed for. He only has 24 hours before he returns to stone.

Can he convince her to spend it with him?

BLAZE - A computer geek turned rock star

Mike is good at playing with two things--numbers and his guitar. People, not so much. So when he stumbles upon two women having fun in the shadows at an underground club, and a bouncer urges him to get one to safety, he's not sure how to respond. But, when he discovers she's been bitten and her neck is bleeding, something wakes inside of him.

He's compelled to protect her. But--why?

Her Vampire Suspect (Midnight Doms Book 11)

“You’re in over your head, Agent.”

I told her not to come to the club. The beautiful mortal on a mission. She shouldn't be back. But women are dying, and she thinks we're involved.

FBI agent or not, she can't take on the vampire king and win.

I need to help her find a serial killer—but she won't obey me.

So I'll make her obey. And when our enemies close in, I won't throw her to the wolves. I'll make her mine.

And once I own her, I’m not letting her go.

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