Snow Paw

Written by Rob Multari
Line Art by Mog Park
Colors by Bruna Costa
Lettering by David Lentz

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In the glow.

There's a real warm-glow aesthetic going on here, for the first few pages for sure. Everything is golden and bright green. Snow Paw -here issue 1- is an origin story. We get introduced to the Scottish Highland's Mackinlay Farm circa late 19th century. A tight-knit family has one son and two daughters, one being very little. The other a coming-of-age 19 year old named Cirilla who wants to hang out in the forest. She brings down a deer with her father's hunting knife and proudly brings the carcass home for the family to eat later. Father scolds her for not helping out on the farm.

Moving up in the world.

Their conflict later becomes a non-issue as the father has opted to marry off Cirilla to a wealthy family. Not to give too much away, but like Night Wolf, Rob Multari has his wolf-pack denizens soon arriving on the scene, knowing about secret powers Cirilla possesses.

To complement the warm-glow of the daytime scenes there is a fairly well wrought depth of deep blues and darker greens/violets for the night time scenes.

Not enough room for the fight.

The last few pages have some fighting scenes between Snow Paw and the other werewolves. What could have been a dynamic and heart-pounding struggle gets hampered by a sudden lack of room, there are few pages left to depict the fighting.

I understand Rob is making his comic his way because he has a vision of how it should turn out. My criticism stems from my personal visual tastes. As it is, I wonder if maybe Snow Paw could have benefited by working out and choreographing the fighting with more reader engagement in mind.

Lastly, there's a sort of unanswered question in my head, as to 'why' Cirilla is part werewolf to begin with? Did she get bit by one? Is there a long lineage of wolf-blood in her life she doesn't know about? Her transformation just 'is.'...

Perhaps those questions will be answered in the subsequent issues. As it is, Snow Paw does end on an interesting cliff hanger.

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