Sprint: "Still At Home" CEO Email

Hi, !

Today we’re closing a new Sprint and, like every 3 weeks, I want to share with you the latest news and important developments about 2gether.

Sprint News

Improvements in the app’s security and our apologies

I’d like to begin with the new security measures we’ve implemented and that have affected some of us this past week.

As many of you know, online fraud has been increasing significantly during the Covid-19 crisis. To protect the users and the company, on Friday the 24th of April, we implemented additional security measures on the app, necessary to ensure that all users enjoy total security on their transactions and to significantly reduce the risk of online fraud.

Sadly, those who take advantage of these situations to perform fraudulent activities act quickly, which is why we have had to act faster than we normally do.

Usually, all the developments implemented in the app go through a relatively long process (for some weeks), ensuring an optimal user experience throughout the change process and once implemented. This time, the required speed hasn’t allowed us to offer the complete solution that we’re currently finishing and that we expect to have ready soon.

Additionally, these measures have gotten mixed with a delay in the distribution of the 2gether cards due to our provider’s temporary service halt, and with new security measures implemented by the banks which affect the card top-ups, all of which has hugely increased the number of tickets received by the Support team.

See below the evolution in the number of tickets received by the Support team during the last weeks:

This has affected some of you and your referred friends, so I apologize profusely. All through the week we’ve been working to normalize the situation, and since last Saturday we’re already looking at average waiting times for replies and solutions of 6 and 12 hours respectively.

This has been possible thanks to the great implication of the Support and Compliance teams, who have worked all through the weekend and on International Workers’ Day, harder and for more hours than any other day.

During the next few weeks, we’ll evolve our security measures to come up with the best user experience that guarantees the highest level of security.

The fight against fraud isn’t particularly pleasing. The sole fact that some see this situation as a chance to take advantage of people is saddening, but this is a common cause and for that,I want to thank you for your understanding and especially for your help while we all build together the honest and safe platform that we deserve.

The registration process is now safer, more agile and more intuitive

Beyond the security measures we’ve already discussed, the Development team’s main task for the last two Sprints has been migrating the onboarding process to a new solution, integrated with two of the leading international providers in mobile security and remote recognition: Link Mobility and Mitek.

With this change, we’re also increasing the platform’s security andwe get more agility and clarity. Your referred friends will sign up on the platform in a couple of minutes, automatically and with an improved experience.

Raisin wasn’t as welcomed as we expected: pulled from the marketplace

Two months ago, we added the first product on 2gether’s marketplace, Raisin. After these trial months, both based on your feedback and on the low number of contracts we’ve counted, we’ve concluded that this is not what you’re looking for, so we’ve decided to pull it in the next Sprint.

On the other hand, we’re currently investigating which products should be the next ones to incorporate to the app. It looks like the crypto staking and arbitrage bots are the most popular options, but we will ask you about it during the next few weeks to make sure that we focus our efforts into giving you what you’re looking for on 2gether.

Those of you who have signed up and acquired deposits on Raisin will be able to continue managing them through Raisin’s website, and you will obviously keep the 2GT you’ve obtained for acquiring their deposits.

Did you know...?

7 books about decentralized economy to read during the confinement

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve wanted to do our bit to help you get through these hard times.

On 2gether’s social media profiles we’ve been sharing recommendations about books, movies and documentaries that will help you enjoy your time at home while you keep learning about cryptocurrency, blockchain and digital assets. You can find a selection of the 7 essential books to learn more about those topics here.

And that’s all for today. I hope you’re all safe and sound at home, with your loved ones. If you have any feedback or questions, we’re here for you.

See you in the next CEO email!

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