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July 24, 2020            

Joint Statement by the U.S. Secretary of State and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

Today we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Welles Declaration, which laid the foundation for the United States of America’s non-recognition policy, by which it never formally accepted the occupation and annexation of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania by the Soviet Union.

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L. Linkevičius discusses security, Eastern Partnership, other foreign policy issues in Tallinn

“We support the priorities of Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The transatlantic relationship needs to be preserved; there is no alternative to it. Due to attempts to rewrite history and to legitimize current and possible future actions, sanctions against Russia should be maintained until progress is made in the Minsk process. The issue of the Eastern Partnership is also on the agenda," said minister L. Linkevičius.

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Lithuania’s Business Services Report: measuring the pulse of the industry

Following the journey of the Lithuanian GBS industry, my colleagues at Invest Lithuania and I have been gauging its growth for six years in a row. This article is based on our annual report, which has been a great resource to combine all the knowledge we have on our increasingly complex sector. Today, I am pleased to share our findings with the readers of Outsourcing&More, some of whom have been following this journey for the past several years. Without further ado, let’s see what the facts show us!

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GovTech Challenges Are Live and Startups Are Invited to Solve Them

GovTech Lab Lithuania has recently announced GovTech Challenges and if you are not familiar what that is, let us tell you – it is an entirely new, innovative approach to solve challenges and problems occurring in the governmental sector and startups could be the answer to solve them.

GovTech Lab Lithuania team works as a connector between public sector institutions and private sector entities. They are helping to identify public sector challenges that can be solved by emerging technologies, engaging startups and SMEs to create innovative solutions and accelerating startups in GovTech and TechForGood space.

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Creative scenarios for saving the world – in a virtual “meeting” of the UNESCO Cities of Design

On the 14th of July at a convenient time for all the countries a virtual discussion “The Power of Design in Response to the Global Crisis and Rebooting the World” was broadcast from the “Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” office. The participants of the discussion, presenting successful examples of pandemic-inspired creativity, were the representatives of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Design network, which encompasses 40 cities across the world – of course, including Kaunas. 

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Podcast Talking Diplomacy
Lithuanians in EU civil missions: we need to be proud of our achievements

Lithuania has grown and reached the stage where we can now share our experience, achievements and skills with others - it is clear from our conversation with two new guests in the #7 episode of Talking Diplomacy. We spoke with Kęstutis Lančinskas and Marija Kazanovič, who are taking part in European Union civil missions and worked in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia before the pandemic together with colleagues from 24 European countries.

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Lithuania celebrates 80th anniversary of Welles declaration which kept its independence hopes alive

On July 23, 1940, the United States issued a historic Welles declaration which condemned the Soviet occupation of the three Baltic States. As Lithuania marks the 80th anniversary of the historic document, a historian explains its lasting importance. 

“The European principled position would have been hardly possible without the strong stance of Washington,” Algimantas Kasparavičius, a historian at the Lithuanian Institute of History, told

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LRT to host 5-hour piano music ‘marathon’ in tribute to Beethoven

In commemoration of the 250th anniversary of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, the radio station LRT KLASIKA is organising the longest piano music marathon in Lithuania.

On August 1, in a special five-hour broadcast from the Lithuanian National Philharmonic, 11 famous Lithuanian pianists will perform music composed by Beethoven.

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Lithuanian photographer in Iran: capturing a mirage of freedom

Iranian islands in the contentious Strait of Hormuz carry more than their geopolitical weight – for many, they’re a sanctuary for self-expression, writes Mykolas Juodelė, a Lithuanian photographer. 

As oil tanker seizures and tense military stare-downs swept the headlines in late 2019, Juodelė spent weeks on the remote Iranian islands. Here’s what he saw.

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7 magic outdoor attractions in deep forest green Lithuania

Historically a forest country, Lithuania has much to offer travellers looking for sustainable outdoor adventure. Under-the-radar wonders of nature draw into new experiences. Visitors may try herb picking, dragonfly watching or forest bathing.

With discussions over climate change and world health gathering pace, ever more people express support for sustainable travel. In the recent survey 42% of respondent travellers indicated their willingness to prioritize sustainability.

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July 27 - August 29
Cinema under the Stars

Cinema under the stars returns to the Palace of Grand Dukes in Vilnius with cinema classics and more.

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July 25 - 27
Squeezed Time '20

Experimental cinema festival, travelling around Lithuania in most unique places.

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July 25
Beast Sleeps Under Kaunas Castle

It has long been known that someone lives under Kaunas Castle. But who? There are stories about the sunken old Kaunas. There are stories about Princess of Kaunas, who lives in the dungeons with her cavalry.

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Highlight of the Week
Moment from an event, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Sumner Welles declaration

Photo credits @ MFA

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