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Last week, Every Last Drop released on digital and paperback! This week you can now listen to it on audio!! With over 11 hours of content, get started today!


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The first contemporary women's fiction novel by bestselling romance author Sarah Robinson sure to break your heart and test your limits as the characters dive into taboo topics that make you reconsider everything you once knew.

Marry the love of my life.
Become a mother.
Write a book.

Number one was complete. I was well on my way to checking off goals two and three, before a cancer diagnosis derailed my plans.

A story meant to chronicle the journey of impending motherhood with wit, became a brutally honest memoir of living life to the fullest.

Make every breath count.

When finally confronted with the knowledge the cancer is terminal, I search for a way to accomplish all the things I wanted to do within my lifetime… when I don’t have a lifetime left.

Every Last Drop is the heartfelt, unflinching, and original story of how when faced with the hardest truth, we finally learn how far we will go to discover who we are before it’s too late.


Praise for Every Last Drop

"Every Last Drop is an emotional journey you won't soon forget, filled with love, hope, sadness, and renewal. Robinson's writing is honest, poignant, and gripping. Keep the tissues handy and be ready for a serious book hangover once you turn the last page." - #1 New York Times Bestseller Meredith Wild

"The story cycles between tender and cute moments amid tremendous grief, in a manner that’s reminiscent of an episode of the TV show This Is Us...Robinson balances this by keeping her novel grounded in Tessa’s struggle, always aiming for catharsis instead of tragedy." - Kirkus Reviews

"Robinson so skillfully breathes life into Tessa that you forget this is a novel; it reads like a memoir." - The US Review of Books

"Robinson renders this controversial topic with both candor and grace." - Blue Ink Reviews

"Heartbreaking, with a message for those who suffer, each page renders the heroine more real, allowing an intimate look at a beautiful life ending too soon." - Book Life

"I'm not one to throw around superlatives unless it's worth it, but this is by far one of the best books I have ever read. I have never had a book that both cut me to the core and inspired me to take on the world, all in one story." - Amanda, The Color Coded Life

"This book is amazing. It is heartbreaking, but so full of love. The story feels important, like people need to read it and to feel this." - Laura, SBR Media

"Fantastic heartbreaking book! I have told many friends to buy this when it is released! What a story to have a conversation about." - Goodreads Reviewer

"Every Last Drop’ is a poignant and harrowing story of an incredibly brave woman’s fight against cancer and her decision to choose when and how she’s going to die. Thank you, Sarah Robinson, for penning such a wonderful and moving novel of love, strength and fear of the unknown, which has been written with warmth, sensitivity and gentleness." - Goodreads Reviewer

"Heartbreakingly sad but one of the best books I have read." - Goodreads Reviewer



Misadventures in the Cage, a part of the Misadventures series, is coming on Feb 4, 2020! So excited for this new venture! Grab your copy now!


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