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It's Day 5 of the Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp!

It's back to a Six Pack ATTACK workout, enjoy the burn!

Read on to find out what you need to do today, your Tummy ATTACK recipe of the day, your GUT Health article and your Tummy ATTACK tip of the day!

Here's your Day 5 audio, packed full of tips and tricks and Tummy ATTACK mindset,

CLICK HERE to listen (sorry the line is a little crackly)

Janey x

PS: If you want to have a little giggle at a Tummy ATTACK out take - CLICK HERE!

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What you need to do today...

Today your 25 minute video works your abs and your hips and it's a challenging but results-based workout that combines all sorts of ab and core work!

Remember to engage your abdominals whilst you work by pulling your lower tummy and belly button into the spine.

This is an advanced workout so for those who've had a baby, please take extra care or do the Pilates videos instead!

Your Tummy ATTACK Daily Article!

Most women who come to me with gut issues, abdominal bloating or excess abdominal fat have Candida. Candida can be beaten but the first stage of it requires a very strict diet, along with anti-fungals and pro-biotics.

The scary thing about Candida is that in latest research 79-95% of people with cancer (figure varies depending on type) had candida and in this article when Chris spoke to cancer clinics in the USA & UK "Every single cancer patient, man or woman had candida"

This article explains the ins and outs, CLICK HERE to read.

Your Tummy ATTACK Recipe of the Day!

Try this ultimate Tummy ATTACK side dish!

Stir fried broccoli and pak choi with ginger

This is made even healthier by using coconut oil instead of vegetable oil and it is perfect on the side of some grilled fish or chicken or also with a thai curry!

Your Tummy ATTACK Tip of the Day!

Don't be stressed when you eat

The blood supply to your gut (and reproductive organs) literally shuts down when you're stressed. So when you're eating whilst thinking / feeling stressful things at the same time, an awful lot of damage can be done to the gut. Even reading emails, looking at bank statements (if they're not the way you want them to be!), being on social media, seeing images on Instagram that make you feel bad, ALL impact that blood supply to your gut. Get yourself to a calm place, breathe before you start eating and don't multitask or get involved with anything that can make you feel bad.

    Tummy picture inspiration!

    Today I wanted to talk to you about athletes and their bodies and tummies. I've picked an Olympic medal winner and one of my personal trainer friends!

    Here's Jessica Ennis...

    Think about what she does to get her six pack! How many hours a day does she train? Does she hold down a desk job? Think about the discipline and focus she puts in with her food!

    More tummy picture inspiration!

    And here's a very good friend and trainer of mine Annie Foulds (her website is HERE)

    She looks like this because her life is about fitness, running, dance and challenges. As well as training hours a day, she's ran the Marathon de Sables (3 marathons in 3 days in the Sahara) and numerous other insane fitness challenges, good for her, not for me!

    Listen to me talk about these amazing ladies on the Day 5 audio...

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