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I have said it before: First Act creates the world of Timea, Second Act destroys it, Third Act is post-apocalyptic.

I am done with the First Act. The rough drafts are finished. It took me 26 books to flesh out my world so far. I have only released five of them, and the final book of the First Act won’t be published until October 5th of 2032, but they are all written. Now I’m on to the Second Act.

Second is going to be intense. I have two books planned. Each book has twelve parts to it and each part is a novel.

“Why can’t you just say that you have 24 books?”

Because I choose to say it this way, and it helps to picture it as such. The first book is called The Rise of the Four Armies. Watch for my hashtags and more information coming on its progress. I want to give you just a glimpse of what I am working on now, though, because you are here and I am talkative.

The first novel is called Heaven. I started it last week. It begins with The Escape. Not just the image of The Escape, which is the defining event in my world, but also the cause of it, and an insider view of what happened. It was a thrill to be writing first-hand the conversation that sparked it and the flashes that urged it on. I learned a lot of things about the event that I had not previously known, and am really excited about the rewrites in the First Act that depict it.

Am I being vague enough? Sorry. The Escape is mentioned in every book I have published, and every one I have written, but it has not been revealed yet. It is going to be shown in the release of the book Eleacont, which comes out October 5, 2019. I can’t say much about it now, but it’s a hoot.

The Heaven novel I just started is unique because a large part of it takes place in Heaven. This is where it gets its name. Like all my books, it is titled after its location.

In this book we are actually in the mind of a god and goddess. The god suffered a head wound long ago and is operating with brain damage. I’m pretty psyched about the research I will have to do in order to write that well.

I have been detailing out my version of heaven. I write dark fantasy exclusively, so while heaven is a resting place and a place of great joy, it is also dark and, in a great many ways, flawed. I’m playing the design tight, but I will say that it has a cemetery.

A goddess who has been featured in quite a few of my books has a domain here; her name is The Pale. She is the goddess of Death and it is her graveyard where all souls go to when they die. Here, they are sorted. Now I am not saying judged. Egypt has the Feather and the Crocodile, Christianity has Jesus and the book of Life, but my goddess is less judgey. She does not decide if you need to be punished or exalted. She just weighs what section of heaven you have earned. Every section is run by a different god or goddess, and it is The Pale’s job to decide who you belong to.

Outside the cemetery is a great pasture where herds of steeds of all sorts range and mill. When The Pale has sorted you, a steed sacred to that god or goddess comes to collect you. This steed may be a white stallion with a glossy coat and flowing mane. It may be an eagle of pure light that waits for you. Or it may be a monstrous creature of fangs and horns. It may have a coat made up of many blades, or skin of liquid magma. A steed of whichever deity you served most in your life will greet you and take you off into the paradise or darkness you earned.

I have created many features to my version of Heaven, many glorious and just as many grim, but one thing is for certain. When you end up in the afterlife of the Heaven of my world, the party is just getting started.

Hemlock is coming this spring. Look out for the cover reveal on February 13th.

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