GameCredits Store Beta Launch

Back in February we announced the impending release of the first cryptocurrency based mobile store. Since then we have been working hard to deliver this product as soon as  possible. We’re happy to announce that less than 24 hours ago we released the working beta of our store. Updates to the store include improvements in the following areas registration/login, account creation, app downloading, app listing, and ultimately dozens of major backend updates in preparation for store adoption.

As of right now payments in the store and in-game are temporarily unavailable. We are in the final stages of preparing major payment licenses to give gamers a seamless payment process within the store. Each game on the platform is prepared for payment wrapping to facilitate the purchase of in-game items and games using the gamecredits payment gateway.


GameCredits Store Beta

GameCredits Launch in India

In August GameCredits will host a large cryptocurrency and gaming presentation in India. The presentation will feature top Bollywood celebrities and celebrities outside of India who we invite to join us. These people will become the faces of the GameCredits Store as we prepare our first countrywide marketing campaign. There are several reasons we have chosen India for our initial marketing launch. First, India is the second largest country by population ( 1.311 billion inhabitants) with a growing economy and gaming sector. Second, mass marketing in India is significantly less expensive allowing us to reach more potential users on a lower cost basis. Lastly, digital currency adoption and usage continues to grow rapidly in India, with the government legalizing cryptocurrency in June. Articles in June also showed over 1,000,000 bitcoin users in India, with India’s largest exchange Zebpay reaching 500,000 mobile downloads with thousands of new users each day.

It is our goal to corner the emerging Indian market which is projected to eventually match China's 27.5 billion dollar market. This is just the beginning of our journey to revolutionizing the gaming industry. We couldn't be here without you, our loyal community members. Everyone is invited to play alongside us, the GAME is on!


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