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October 2017  Volume 1 .                                        The Newsletter of Concerned Angels, Inc.

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Drunk Driving

Concerned Angels, Inc. is a non-profit advocacy organization formed in 1997 to educate and galvanize the public and mobilize a grass roots movement to address the national crisis of underage drinking, drunk driving and alcohol abuse that is devastating American families. Correcting the problems associated with child passenger safety is also an objective. The organization grew out of the highly acclaimed crusade that became known as the Campaign Against Drunk Driving (CADD) that was successful in leading and sparking the interest and enthusiasm that resulted in major mass lifesaving advances being made in the drunk driving issue starting in 1980 that continue to this day. CADD is now a project of Concerned Angels. Concerned Angels was formerly known as Alcohol Free Kids (AFK) and Safety Angels. The leader of Concerned Angels was one of the original three organizers of MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, and its first executive director and award winning strategist.


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