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Dear Reader,

          Some would say that love is life and that life is love. Some feel alive and some feel alone.  In this love month, know that you are never alone, and that the life within you is proof you are meant to be loved, and are.

Introducing the
Vinegar Hill Writing and Reading Companions

        My two friends, Selina and Sarah, and I make up this esteemed fellowship. We meet every two weeks to share what we're reading, give feedback on what we're writing, and provide support in the writing trenches. 

         Our Big Kahuna meeting, the first of the year,  is pictured above, where we set our yearly goals for ourselves individually and for the group . 

         My individual plan includes finishing my rough draft this year.  As a group, we plan to take a writing trip to The Biscuit Eater in Mahone Bay, NS, and escape to a seaside writer's retreat in Spencer's Island, NS. We will also be trying to make an appearance at the Read by the Sea and the Word on the Street Festivals.

Take a look at Selina's Instagram...and follow!
Take a look at Sarah's Instagram...and follow!
January 10
I get my best writing done before work...

My daily writing time is between 7:00am and 9:00am, during which I have a good sized cup of coffee. I take a rest on Sundays.  I aim for one to two poems or 100-200 words a morning. While I may get more done a day, I know I can consistently accomplish this--even with only one cup of coffee.

I stayed on track with my word count during January. I took the constructive criticism from our Big Kahuna meeting, and reworked Act I of my novel, layering it with new content and making copy edits.  

Inspiration Along the Writer's Way: "The Pursuit of God" by A.W. Tozer

      I have been reading this small book in my quiet time before I write. I especially like this quote: 

"[God's] world-filling voice...has not been silent since the dawn of creation, but is sounding still throughout the full far reaches of the universe......In the beginning He spoke to nothing, and it became something...God is here and He is speaking..."

      The working title of my novel is "Something from Nothing," not only because God's gentle voice speaks in the story, but because God creates Something from the nothings in Elida and Jane's lives. This is my hope for all of us.

     "The Pursuit of God" was written in the 1940's by A. W. Tozer. It's in the public domain, and is available free as an audiobook.

Listen to "The Pursuit of God" here for free
Sneak peek into the diary of Elida, my main character:
Wild Roses

On my way back to Mr. Brown’s,

A place I don’t want to call home,

I always take the hard path

Through the Seamans’ fields

That skirt Lake Cemetry.

Black jackets 

And an oak casket

Bobbing among bent heads

Of the pall bearers.

I am in the way, again.

I scurried to the side of the field.

Suddenly — a sweet smell

So different

From the Death marching by:

Clumps of wild roses

Stubbornly growing

At the edges of the field,

Pushing up their heads

To the mottled sky,

Flinging their perfume into the air.

They’re all weeds to Mr. Seaman.

He has his tenants,

Like Mr. Brown,

Hack the roses down,

Red petals dripping.

My father had a dream

When my mother was barren

Of a Rose blooming

At the center of the universe

That no evil could touch.

The next day my mother conceived.

Men have been trying to get rid of that Rose

Curse it

Claw it

Cut it

And still it blooms

Scorned beauty is beauty still

Beauty crucified is beauty still

Beauty that dies

Is beauty reborn still

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

And God sees all

Even wild roses

At the edges

Like me

Even the wilted bodies

Cased in oak

At the sight of His face

Will burst forth

And bloom.

Recommended Writing Apps

         Are you interested in writing for fun? Or for a book? Here's some apps to get you started. Click to find out more!

Rory's Story Cubes

Roll these dice covered in pictures to spark the most amazing connections for your stories! Different themed sets of dice available. Endless combinations and possibilities!

Scrivener Writing Software

Scrivener allows you to rearrange the pieces of your writing with a click, store your research in one place, track your session's word count and targets, and sync across devices. I use this one every day!

Write or Die

Type words or bad things will start to pictures of spiders appearing or loud sound effects....your words may even begin to disappear. A sure fire way to get your draft done quickly! 

        Want to dabble a bit in writing? I lead a writing group called Word Nerds at the Truro Library (754 Prince Street.) 

       It's usually the first Thursday evening of the month from 6-7:30pm. It's a supportive, fun environment. February's meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th. Come on out!

       Stay tuned for my next newsletter in March 2020. It's arrival is planned for the first of the month. Looking forward to connecting again!

In word and in life,
In word and in life,
Laura Aliese Miedema

20 Willow Street, Truro
Nova Scotia B2N 4Z4 Canada

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