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CRIME: Belgian police seize 11.5 tons of cocaine in shipment from Guyana

Photo from Belgium Times

The Brussels Times – By Editor On Nov 5, 2020

The Brussel Times – Belgian prosecutors have dealt a new blow to a recently disbanded drug gang led by a former Belgian police chief after announcing the largest-ever overseas drug bust “in the world.”

Counter narcotics prosecutors said they had tracked the transatlantic journey of 11.5-tons (23,000 pounds) of cocaine from Guyana, on the northeastern coast of South America, and seized it upon its arrival at the Port of Antwerp

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US ELECTIONS: Trump lawsuits unlikely to impact outcome of U.S. election- experts say

Pres. Donald Trump

WILMINGTON, Del,  (Reuters) – President Donald Trump called in his lawyers to shore up his dimming re-election prospects, but legal experts said the flurry of lawsuits had little chance of changing the outcome but might cast doubt on the process.

As Trump’s paths to victory narrowed, his campaign today was ramping up legal challenges and filed its latest case in Nevada. On Wednesday, the campaign sued in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia and asked to join a pending case at the U.S. Supreme Court.          Continue reading →


GUYANA: Georgetown businesses count millions in losses after severe flooding

NewsRoom Guyana – By Editor On Nov 5, 2020.

An employee cleans up water from a store (News Room)

Businesses in Georgetown are counting millions of dollars losses, as well as an interruption to business, due to severe flooding from intense rainfall on Wednesday.

Up until Thursday, businesses were still trying to get rid of accumulated water and see what goods and materials can be salvaged.  Residents of Georgetown also suffered major losses and damages to their homes.

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GUYANA: OIL: Rudolf Elias of Staatsolie sees great benefits from natural gas

02 November 2020 – OilNOW.foto

Rudolf Elias, CEO Staatsolie

Large amounts of associated natural gas discovered with oil off the coast of both Guyana and Suriname can play an important role in the transformation of these neighbouring countries that are now on track to develop their deepwater hydrocarbon resources..Rudolf Elias, Chief Executive Officer of Staatsolie, sees a lot of scope for cooperation.

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