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July 25, 2019

There's nothing worse than discovering the shoes you thought would be perfect for the trip pinch, rub or cause blisters. We usually discover a shoe's shortcomings when we're on a walking tour or nowhere near our backup shoes.

So often it's tiny details such as the shoes we're wearing that play a pivotal role in our traveling enjoyment. That's why I'm working on an upcoming article that gets to the sole of the matter. :) 

Do you have a favorite brand or pair of shoes you pack for travel? Reply and let me know what shoes you've found to be perfect for traveling. I'd love to include it in the post!

Enjoy this week's newsletter. Have a wonderful weekend, and as always...

Happy Travels!

Anna Marie

On The Blog This Week

This week on the blog, another fun and tasty tour! Columbia, South Carolina has a booming culinary scene and a food tour with Two Gals And A Fork Food Tours is a delicious way to see the city! Read more about it here.

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Throw Back Thursday

This week's #TBT goes a few years back to a delicious meal of authentic Greek cuisine in Raleigh, North Carolina. Mere footsteps away from the Capitol building you'll find Taverna Agora. Read all about this tasty destination in Oak City here

A tip

I had a lovely Airbnb experience while visiting Columbia, SC. I thought I'd pass it along in case you find yourself traveling there and the listing suits your needs.

Pull Over And Let Me Out

Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

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