New videos and articles to help you improve your table tennis skills
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Here are my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on returning serves, the backhand loop and making the most of your training sessions. There is also a video of myself having a training session - can you identify any areas for improvement? I also link to very useful rubber and blade comparison charts. 


New videos & articles
How to confuse your opponent when returning serves

In this video, top coach Craig Bryant, explains how to confuse your opponent when returning serves. It’s all about the art of deception. You show your opponent you are going to play one shot and at the last moment you switch to another shot. This unpredictability makes it hard for your opponent to anticipate what you will do. When your opponent is uncertain, he or she will play weaker shots or make more mistakes. In the video, Craig shows how to add deception when returning serves with a forehand topspin, a forehand flick, a backhand flick, a touch and a push.

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How to improve your backhand loop

In this video, top coach Ferenc Horvath gives 5 tips to help you improve your backhand loop. Many players, including myself, find the backhand loop a little tricky to do. But help is at hand. In this video Ferenc explains in detail the technique needed to master the backhand loop. There is also lots of footage of Ferenc demonstrating the shot. I have been on the receiving end of Ferenc’s backhand loop many times, and it is a wonderful shot.

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Tom in training…Help me improve! (Sep 2020)

I’m back in training, trying to improve me game. When life returns to normal, I will be entering a few tournaments and see how far I can get. To help me improve, I have enlisted the help of coach Ferenc Horvath. In particular I have asked Ferenc to help me develop my attacking game and my footwork. I have a habit of being too cautious when I play, so Ferenc is encouraging me to get into my beast mode.

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Training in uncertain times

In the UK, table tennis is slowly spluttering back to life. Some clubs and sport centres have reopened giving us some opportunities to practice. But competitive table tennis – leagues and tournaments – is still very limited. So what should our focus be during these uncertain times? Well if you do have the opportunity to play table tennis, I would suggest now is the ideal time to be focusing on improving your technique and sorting out any weak areas of your game.

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My new table tennis book

In my debut book, I will help you improve your table tennis skills, win more points and win more matches. I share tips on training, service, returning serves, winning points, tactics, playing matches and continual improvement. These are tips which work at amateur level. Tips which are achievable. Tips which will make a difference, even if you only play one hour per week. Are you ready to transform your table tennis game?

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Blade and rubber comparison charts

With hundreds of blades and rubbers available it can be difficult to find the right product to suit your game and budget. Well, Bribar Table Tennis have very helpfully created interactive rubber and blade charts. You can compare speed, spin, control, weight, etc. The charts are really easy to use and quickly compare multiple rubbers and blades. Definitely worth a look if need to purchase new rubbers or a new blade.

Rubber comparison chart

Blade comparison chart

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