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22 May 2019
CROWDLITOKEN in Switzerland

"CROWDLITOKEN can now also be distributed in Switzerland - this is a big step forward for our Fintech product."

Domenic Kurt, CEO

CROWDLITOKEN can also be publicly distributed in Switzerland

One month after the approval by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Authority (FMA), which permits the distribution of our security token in the European Economic Area (EEA), everything is now clear for the territory of Switzerland. Clarifications with the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) have shown that Switzerland does not require a special license. That implies that small investors and qualified investors domiciled in Switzerland may also invest into CROWDLITOKEN with immediate effect – read our media release. "This is an important step forward for CROWDLITOKEN," says CEO Domenic Kurt. If you are interested in participating, contact our distribution team (

CEO Domenic Kurt on
promotion tour in Austria

Our product has now arrived in Austria! CROWDLITOKEN accepted the “blockchain-REAL” invitation to present our new Fintech product at the “FIBREE world summit” in Vienna. CEO Domenic Kurt was given the opportunity to present our digital investment product on stage to a large audience. He then answered numerous questions from interested people and potential investors in one-on-one discussions.

Live interview on the Instagram channel of Investmentpunk

Gerald Hörhan, probably better known as Investmentpunk in Germany and Austria, has given us the opportunity to introduce CROWDLITOKEN on his Instagram channel. CEO Domenic Kurt and COO Paul Odermatt were strongly challenged by Hörhan in an almost 45-minute live chat. More than 800 users were present live, many asked interesting questions, which the Investmentpunk skilfully incorporated into the conversation. Viewers were in particular interested in the details of our real estate strategy, which we happily provided.

Stay tuned about CROWDLITOKEN on our website or join our Telegram Community.

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