World events a reflection of turmoil of Australia’s First Nations people

[supplied by Nicole Barlow]

There is a truth here that we cannot run from – indeed we must embrace. It is a truth that would set all of us free, which would give us all a fair stake in this country and allow ourselves to say we are one.

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Aboriginal ear surgeon honoured with Menzies Medallion

[supplied by Menzies]

Australia’s first Aboriginal surgeon, the highly acclaimed ear, nose and throat surgeon, Associate Professor Kelvin Kong has been awarded the prestigious Menzies Medallion

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Caleb's school teachers told him Aboriginal Tasmanians no longer existed. He's now proving them wrong

[Sarah Maunder, SBS]

"I, and many other people who went through school in Tasmania, bore witness to our teachers telling us that there were no Tasmanian Aboriginals, that Truganini was the last one, and as someone with a proud, cultural identity as a strong palawa man, that was really confusing and conflicting for me," Caleb said. 

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Remembering the 1946 Pilbara strike, Australia's longest, that paved the way for Indigenous rights

[James Liveris, ABC]

The station manager at the time was a very hard man, an ex-boxer who didn't take any nonsense, and he would boot the Aboriginal workers in their swags to wake up and sometimes he would go as far as whipping them with a stockwhip.

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