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We've always made it our mission to introduce the new, revel in the vintage, embrace style and satisfy your hunger for more. Our experts and contributors are constantly on the look out for what's trending... and what might be trending soon. We know how hard it can be to find that new, exciting drink that tantalizes the palate and renews your excitement for what's in the glass. That's why we've put together these articles about the latest wines, bars and cocktails... so give it a taste and enjoy.

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BC Riesling gets the respect it deserves

After decades of being used, abused and generally misunderstood, is BC Riesling finally getting the respect it deserves?

Riesling Restitution
2019 Decanter World Wine Awards Results

The 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards results were released in June and Niagara wines represented Canada well. In total, Niagara wines earned 132 awards, including seven gold medals. We reviewed the award winners so you can find out which other Canadians brought home medals.

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