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A tough decision, but a good one


As September ends and the new quarter begins, there's so much on my mind.  

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 I made a BIG decision with my blog last week, specifically after two things that happened in September.

The first was that I published this interview with Saranya- one of the most-read posts on the blog this month.

***Deep Breath***

After 12 years of blogging, I have finally decided to stop blogging about my most favourite topic of all on my main blog- Parenting.

This was not an easy decision and even as I type this, I can feel my stomach doing flip-flops but it had to be done.

I'll probably do a more detailed post on the blog about this but essentially here are the reasons:

  1. I no longer feel compelled to write on parenting on this blog. It doesn't go with the rest of the core topics- blogging, social media, Pinterest or productivity.

  2. I've struggled with the idea of monetizing this niche (parenting) and found it falling flat. That doesn't mean you shouldn't monetize a mom blog!

    Ophira of Easy Mommy Life does a fab job, for example. Just that I haven't found my groove with it.

  3. I'm learning to let go of FOMO. So many people love my parenting posts and I am deeply grateful for that. But the problem is I was beginning to compare myself to other parenting bloggers and feeling inadequate.

    I am unable to bring myself to write SEO-related content for the parenting posts.

    It's an honest struggle! Possibly because I talk about positive parenting and it's more heartfelt writing than SEO based writing.

    Strangely, this is not the case with my blogging-related posts. And I seem to be managing my authentic voice while writing SEO posts. 

  4. I'm finally embracing the idea of making money from my blog. Oh, I have been making money from services rendered in the last year and a half, but from the blog itself? Not so much.

     I've been on the fence about this and a LOT of it, I think, is conditioning. That we shouldn't make money from our blogs or our writing. Or that we're somehow compromising on our voice while doing so.

    Which is ridiculous because so many people monetize their blogs, but it's our impostor syndrome that makes us feel bad about doing it! 

    Understand this: You shoudn't start a blog JUST to make money. You should do it because you enjoy the subject you're blogging about. 

    Money comes later (MUCH LATER) but it Does come and there's nothing wrong about it.

    Once I let go of that limitation, I got SO much more done in one week.

    I revamped my home page, my about me page, my Pinterest page and bio all in just 2 days. Added a new profile picture across all my channels and didn't even care about the bulging double chin you can see in it!

I won't be deleting the older posts on parenting on the blog though, since they do bring in traffic.

The second thing that prompted this decision was this absolutely wonderful e-book that I read thanks to the Genius Bloggers' Toolkit (which launches on October 2nd, 2019).

It's called the Authentic Blog Project and my jaw dropped and eyes opened wide when I read that book! It's EXACTLY what I needed to hear, seeing as I speak about organic traffic and sustained growth.

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