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‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win’ – Mahatma Gandhi

Week 2 of the Rebellion is nearly over. And it has been an incredible week for the actions, media coverage, conversations and connections that have been made. Before the Rebellion began we could not have imagined we’d be successful in;

  • Disrupting not just Billingsgate Market but the whole idea that fish should be exploited
  • Appear on Good Morning Britain and troll Piers Morgan
  • Have to make the awful decision to let a truck load of cows pass into slaughter
  • Have dozens of our activists arrested to really make the statement that the status quo cannot continue.

But we have done all this and more. We’ve had stories across all the media, from The Daily Star to Cornwall’s local paper to national TV and radio. You can read all about these actions on our Medium channel, as well as by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

Because, although the Rebellion is drawing to a close, Animal Rebellion is only going to grow stronger. Get involved. Become a Rebel for All Life.


Animal Rebellion has been very busy on the ground and we are succeeding in getting our message out there. There has been a noticeable gear change in police strategy in the last few days. We are making a difference, we are rustling their feathers, and they are attempting to clamp down. Our spirit has not wavered and, as our membership grows, our solidarity strengthens ever more.

Credit: Sammi Drew

On Sunday, we planned a peas-ful protest at Oxford Circus with a Veggie Dance Party. However, there was a considerable police presence and they acted quickly, arresting two of our human vegetables, Mr. Broccoli (which went viral on Twitter), and our Pea-lice Liason Officer.

Check out our video, Give Peas A Chance -

Credit: Sammi Drew

On Monday, Animal Rebellion teamed up with XR to ask the big corporations and their investors to stop funding ecocide. We suited and booted, and made our way to Bank, where hundreds of rebels succeeded in holding a road block for hours, despite more arrests!

Credit: Rosie Ruttley-Dornan

XR entertained us with thought-provoking street theatre, which highlighted the Government’s crimes against the planet, holding them accountable for failing to act in this climate crisis in front of the Red Rebel jury.

Credit: Rosie Ruttley-Dornan

Monday evening saw a serious breach of human rights when the police gave just 30 minutes warning before forcefully clearing out Trafalgar Square. By morning, there was practically no trace we had ever been there. Staying true to our word, we had volunteers clearing and cleaning the entire site. It was a sad moment of reflection to think how spectacularly we had held this symbolic area of central London. Lawyers, activists, journalists, celebrities, and many more have spoken out, calling this a violation of our liberty to peaceful protest.

Credit: Dulcie Ruttley-Dornan

Trafalgar Square last night. Members or XR, AR, and many other groups came together to protest against the London wide protest ban. There were moving speeches by ordinary people: one passionate millennial had taken the day off work and come dressed in a full suit with a message for Boris Johnson ‘I’d rather be a crusty than extinct’.

No Food, No Future. All rebels, both AR and XR, protested for food security together outside MI5. Bringing the community together to share a feast, highlighting the inevitable food shortage we will soon face in this climate crisis.

After several days at Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, the police decided to impose Section 14 and move us on, once again. Thanks go out to all of our rebel volunteers who saved the possessions of their fellow activists who were out on actions at the time. With every cloud, there is a silver lining, and we had an amazing response from our supporters who have offered their homes to host our rebels. We would also like to say a big thank you to Lambeth Council for their hospitality in this critical time.

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens - Before the police came

Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens - After the police came

Our Wednesday action took place outside an abattoir in Farnborough because there is no humanity in slaughtering animals. Dedicated rebels put their freedom on the line for these animals by locking themselves inside and there were at least 18 arrests.

Credit: @mzpinkphotos

On Thursday, AR targeted the UKs biggest farm and food standards scheme, Red Tractor. They are supposed to be responsible for ensuring the standards of animal welfare, food safety, and environmental protection, but in reality they help cover up the truth behind the walls. Locals frequently hear the screams from within, and video and photographic evidence show the inhumane conditions these sentient beings are subject to on a daily basis.

Credit: Jack Middleton

This only scrapes the surface of all the actions our rebels have been involved in during this October Rebellion. Animal Rebellion is active in many other countries too, with people putting their liberty on the line in the name of animal and climate justice. We are on day 12 and we won’t stop now. We call to all rebels to find a little more energy to keep our message going strong. Keep fighting the non-violent fight until all of our demands are met. We’re in it for as long as it takes and we will win this!

Come to London's Biggest Veggie Dance Party 19th October

‘Mother Earth is crying because she is dying’

‘Mother Earth is crying because she is dying'

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We're looking for rebels who can give their time and energy towards helping us achieve our goals. Please use this link to sign up. We also have a crowdfunder for donations. Animal Rebellion is run by a team of volunteers and we need your help.

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