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September 4, 2020            

Lithuanian Embassy provided support for recycling initiative in Armavir schools

On August 24, Evaldas Galvanauskas, representative of Lithuanian Embassy in Armenia, participated at the ceremony of installation of plastic and paper recycling bins in Armavir schools.

„Praiseworthy is the fact that students will receive both theoretical knowledge about recycling and will have an opportunity to recycle themselves. Such joint approach should effectively lead to better environmental awareness of the young generation“, said E. Galvanauskas.

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L. Linkevičius discusses situation in Belarus with Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee

On 31 August, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Linas Linkevičius had a telephone conversation with the Congressman Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss situation in Belarus, Ukraine, as well as relations with Russia.

“It is important to help Lithuania’s neighbor emerge from this political crisis, to support civil society, and to protect peaceful protestors who demand change after the election fraud, providing them safety from the Minsk regime’s brutal repression,” said Lithuania’s Foreign Minister.

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Small, cheap and deadly – sea mines can bring maritime traffic to a screeching halt. A former Commander of Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group Two - SNMCMG2 explains how NATO addresses this threat    
|                      Credits @ Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)

Invest Lithuania
8:47 AM - Sep 3, 2020
🏆 And the country with the world’s fastest public internet is… Lithuania!

According to research from internet communications provider, Ooma, public wifi in Lithuania offers average download speeds of more than 15 megabits per second – that’s almost twice as fast as the US!

Fast, reliable internet access is a must-have for business travellers and mobile workers in the information economy – and Lithuania once again shows it has what it takes!

🔗 I Digital Information World
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Unique integrated health monitoring system for stroke survivors patented in Lithuania

Group of biomedical engineers from biotech company Gruppo Fos Lithuania together with researchers at Kaunas University of Technology and Lithuanian University of Health Sciences have patented technology for advanced health monitoring of stroke survivors. It is the first solution in the world which monitors and analyses simultaneously a patient’s
health parameters from the affected part of the brain and those of the cardiovascular system.

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Čepulis: in today’s technological world creativity is becoming increasingly important

There are more connections between art and technologies than might appear from the first sight. The most obvious one – art needs tools and equipment and technological innovation cannot happen without involving creativity and improvisation, thinks Nerijus Čepulis, philosopher, Associate Professor at KTU. What are other ways in which creativity and so-called soft skills are saving every one of us  in the age of technologies?

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Vilnius Airport becomes Baltic leader in environmental solutions

In the past years, Vilnius Airport has renewed its apron lighting system, installed solar panels and added hybrid vehicles to its fleet. Those are just a few environmentally focused solutions being implemented at all Lithuanian Airports, where sustainability is a core value.

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Google to train 10,000 Lithuanians to use digital communication

Some 10,000 people in Lithuania will receive training in using  electronic communication technologies as part of a joint initiative between Google and the country's Economy Ministry.

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Lithuania. Real is beautiful
11:08 AM - Aug 28, 2020
Every step a friendly crackle of the twigs underneath your feet, every gust of wind a new scent. Every look – a new shade of Deep Forest Green.

Yes, that's Lithuania – discover its colours.
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„Synaesthesis“. A. Trobollowitsch. Vilnius             |          Credits @ Lithuanian Culture Institute

Marzipan Smell in Kaunas Sea, or Fishing with R. Jankevičius

So the suntanning season is over, and you’ve been to all the museums in Kaunas. Nature seems tempting, but you should have a plan. What about a fishing trip?

Kaunas is a perfect location for fishermen of all styles and kinds; There are rivers, and there’s Kaunas Sea, and we have plenty of speciality shops that can provide you all the gear you want.

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Arūnas Žebriūnas’ classic “The Girl and the Echo” to run across French cinemas

A restored 1964 classic “The Girl and the Echo” (lit. Paskutinė atostogų diena) by the Lithuanian director Arūnas Žebriūnas is opening across French cinemas today. This month, the film will be available to viewers in 24 French cities. This is the second Lithuanian classic film released in France. The classic story of a girl and dreamy summer holidays will screen in 16 cinemas in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Grenoble, Toulousse and other cities.

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Lithuanian design to be presented at the digital gallery Adorno

Lithuanian design collection, curated by Audronė Drungilaitė, is going to be presented at the Virtual Design Destination by Adorno (12 – 20 September) – the place to discover thirteen curated country collections of collectible design during the London Design Festival, featuring over 200 exclusive pieces. The theme for this year’s first

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Old Walls, new Colours: Legal Street Art

Two new (well, old) walls have been designated for artists by the city municipality. Decorating one of them turned out to be a fantastic day-time festival for everyone

Living Walls is an ongoing project by Kaunas Municipality that aims to connect building owners with street artists – just like tinder, but for street art lovers! Some of the drawings end up on the apartment blocks, others on abandoned factories, yet others on garages and fences. However, such projects require a lot of planning, coordination, compromises.

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September 4-6
Vilnius City Fiesta

Celebrate together with Vilnius at the biggest festival filled with music, good food, culture and a great atmosphere. Greet the autumn season with live concerts, exceptional shows, and a fair in the heart of the city, on Gediminas Avenue.

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September 9
Knowledge sharing with experts from the USA

Startup Fair 2020 invites to an online session, an autumn content block with two experts from the USA to share their knowledge and expertise.

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Highlight of the Week
Moment from the Freedom Way, organised in support of Belarusian people

Photo credits @ Gabrielė Niekytė / MFA

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