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Today, EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED turns TWO! I can't believe the amazing journey I've been on ever since I released Dax and Harlow's story to the world.

When I wrote their story, I was at the end of my rope emotionally and professionally. I was struggling to find balance in my life and was ready to quit writing. But there was one story that wouldn't let me go. It was the one that would take me back to one of the places where I always felt happiest, New Mexico. Writing Dax and Harlow's story was my escape and through them, I've been fortunate to meet many of you who have supported me ever since.

To celebrate their book birthday, EVERYTHING SHE EVER WANTED is $0.99 for a limited time!  



A year ago, I joined other authors in a charity book called Word Search for Warriors, Volume 2 and the 200-page book went live a week ago. 100% of the royalties go to a nonprofit that rescues and trains dogs to become service animals for US veterans suffering from PTSD. 

I do believe they'll make wonderful gifts so if you're looking for something different to give away to the people in your life, please consider Word Search for Warriors, Volume 2. 


In a few weeks, my holiday novella The Replacement Fiancé will be live and I can't wait to introduce you to Mariah and Logan. You can reserve your copy at the special Preorder Price of $0.99 until release day!

You can read the first two chapters on my website below:



"Hey, Mariah! Merry Christmas!"

I look up from the paperwork in front of me to see Logan Garrison walk into the tiny office of Garrison Motors, the repair shop he and his older brother Liam both own and manage.

"Hey, Logan. Merry Christmas to you, too." I slide the paperwork back to Liam, the colorful tattoos peeking from under the collar of his t-shirt the only way I can tell the brothers apart.

"What are you still doing in town?" Logan asks.

"Having everything checked before I head up north. Fluids, air pressure, oil, tire balance... that kind of thing."

Logan studies the job estimate from over his brother's shoulder. "Pretty late for you to set out, isn't it? You're usually gone by the 20th."

"I had some last-minute arrangements to take care of before I left. It's for a New Year's Eve wedding my shop is doing. I had to make sure everything was in place before I left, suppliers, deliveries, third party vendors, that kind of thing."

Liam's brow furrows. "Is that the celebrity one that's all over the news? You're the one doing it?"


"That's awesome, Mariah. Congratulations!" Logan says as he unclips sheets of paper from his clipboard and stacks them on top of a pile of receipts on the desk behind the counter where a retro Christmas tree made of neon-green aluminum stands in the corner. I don't know why they keep putting it up every Christmas but given the other retro decorations around the office like vintage road signs and a candy vending machine that actually works, I have to admit it's finally grown on me.

Liam hands me a copy of my job estimate. "We'll get it done as fast as we can. Could take an hour or two, maybe longer because we're slammed."

"Don't worry. I'll put a priority tag on it. Just don't tell anyone," Logan whispers as Liam shoots him a look.

I bite my lip. "Look, guys, if there are cars ahead of me–"

"I'm kidding, Mariah. You always get priority around here," Liam says. "Anyway, are you having someone pick you up or are you going to wait?"

I pull out my iPad from my purse. "No, I'll wait. I've got some work to do anyway. Same Wi-Fi password?"

"Yup," Liam replies as I hand him the keys. "Triumph123."

"Thanks." I watch Liam head toward the shop where the other guys are working, whirring sounds punctuating the air as he opens the door. Between the brothers, he's the serious one while Logan's the more outgoing and friendly one.

Logan starts typing on the keyboard, checking something on the monitor. "So you excited to be heading home?"

"Kinda." Even though I don't sound too excited, I'm always happy to head back home. But that was before Mom called me last week to tell me that she saw my ex-fiancé and his wife arrive at the house next door where he grew up and it looked like they were staying until New Year's. It doesn't even matter that we may never see each other at all, but if Elliot's parents use some of the hiking trails that go through my family's property, chances are, Elliot will, too. And I don't want to take any chances that he and his wife will see me two years later, still single. Still alone. Too bad my mother didn't approve of my plans about putting up signs barring Elliot and Minerva from using the trails.

Minerva. My former best friend's name makes me grit my teeth but only for a second. Two years is a long time to hate someone for stealing your man, but it was always more than just the cheating. It was the years of friendship and trust that grates at me the most.

That's when the lie was born, that I was engaged. Before Mom could ask me any details, I told her I had customers and that I'd call her back. Only I never did. Instead, I went online and searched for an escort service who matched me with a man named Cooper Reed, a Nordic god with blond hair and piercing blue eyes.

In many ways, he's a copy of Elliot—only more gorgeous—but I didn't care. My choices simply defaulted to him because he was the only one available on such short notice. In fact, he was so new to the service that no one had snagged him yet. After a few emails back and forth and one phone call where I got to hear his deep voice, the terms were set and the fee paid.

And just like that, I was engaged.



To celebrate the upcoming release of The Replacement Fiance, I'm giving away a signed copy of The Replacement Fiance and a $10 Amazon Gift Card!

You can enter the Giveaway here.


This is a new section of my monthly newsletter where I get to introduce you to a new-to-you author whose books I've read and enjoyed.


This month I'd like to introduce you to good friend MICHELLE JO QUINN who writes Contemporary Romance. I've known Michelle since our early days on Wattpad where we both posted our stories and she's just amazing.



I first got to know Carrie's work last year with Say You'll Stay: Alyssa and Marc and I've followed her ever since. Say You're Mine: Olivia and Ronan is her latest release and I can't wait to get started reading my copy!

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