Even if 2019 is already a couple of weeks ago, we're hereby wishing you all a happy, healthy new year and a big thank you for working with us last year. 

We've been full steam ahead adding new features & fixing minor issues due to our short development cycles and we cannot wait to let you know a little about them. 

Clust eSignature

Our own legally binding eSignature is now live. You can now easily have agreements or contracts signed while managing clients applications. 

Set up eSignature
Account Boosters & Quotas

Many of you asked for easy ways to lift your account limits. That's what Boosters are made for. Send SMS notifications to recipients, Increase your number of monthly applications, get more storage and more.  And you can track all this in the Quotas section.

Lift your account limits

Webhooks are automated messages sent from apps when something happens. They give you the flexibility of triggering remotely some actions from your Clust account.

Using Webhooks
10 New languages in total


We've been late on releasing and updating new languages but I am happy to announce that we're almost there! 4 new languages have been added to our existing list languages: Czech, Polish, Italian, Russian can now be displayed on the client interface on top of French, English, Spanish, German, Deutsch and Dutch.

Phone Number country flag

Some of you noticed the new country selector in the phone number fields. For those who didn't, this will definitely help you capture more accurate phone numbers!

Logo in your admin interface

Your company logo is now showing instead of the Clust logo in your admin interface. Now you interface looks even more professional.

New user profiles

We've added new user profiles so you can manage more permissions and work collaboratively on your applications. Check them out in the Help Center.

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We're continuously improving Clust. 

Please share feedback here to show your support. 

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